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California State University, Long Beach
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Internships & Field Experience

Gaining hands-on experience in a professional setting expands your education and makes you more attractive to prospective employers or graduate programs. An internship uses your scientific education as a foundation to build new and valuable skills and gain "real world" experiences that will distinguish you. Internships also provide important opportunities for networking and developing "people skills" that can make the difference in your professional success. The CNSM encourages you to consider these valuable opportunities as they surface.

Available Internships

Contact the CNSM Internship Coordinator, Dr. Elaine Villanueva Bernal at

Why Internships?

Internships are work experiences that allow you to sample professional environments in which you might seek a career. They may be paid or unpaid, academic or non-academic, university-sponsored or independent. The College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics has no blanket policy on internships as they generally take place outside the university environment. It does, however, acknowledge the strong value of experiential education through internships and will attempt to help students find and participate in them. The location and fields where you can intern is limited only by your imagination and resourcefulness. We welcome your ideas to integrate the professional work experience into your academic career.