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California State University, Long Beach
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

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Note: The College Shop also has walk-in hours MWF 9:00-10:00am and TTH 1:00-2:00pm (starting 3/21/16).

Service Request

Service Request Queue

Last Name Location Description Status Updated
08/19/2019 Santiago Various MIC & MLSC Installing/ mounting data projectors in MIC: 102A, 102B, 101. … Pending 08/19/2019
08/19/2019 Vincent Vivarium Rm. 43 Attach hood to bench extraction arm. Pending 08/19/2019
08/16/2019 Taylor MICR 007 Please move desk from Microbiology 007 (CNSM server room) to 160J. Ideally..... first thing Monday morning...... In Progress 08/19/2019
08/16/2019 DE LA CUESTA Mic 305A, 106D Please re-glue vane-o-meters to inside of hood Pending 08/16/2019
08/15/2019 Aguilera FO3 & LA5 Remove and dispose of large metal desk in FO3 1st floor between 118/116. Remove and dispose of 3 metal file cabinets in LA5 2nd floor in front of 251. Pending 08/15/2019
08/14/2019 Giffin MLSC 206 Need help to slightly move 2 large shakers a bit to the left to help with airflow for the ultra centrifuge. Completed 08/14/2019
08/13/2019 Quitiquit Jensen SAS Center Securing a shelf to the wall. Completed 08/20/2019
08/08/2019 Frost MIC 205A and 204B Please move the two -80 freezers in 205A and the one -80 freezer in 204B down to the refrigerant pull staging area. All units marked "Ref. Pull". Thanks! Completed 08/12/2019
08/06/2019 Lorenzi micro 105A Emergency: vacuum pump connected to GCMS not working Completed 08/12/2019
08/06/2019 Vuong MLSC312 Install Stainless Steel Tubing for TGA instrument in MLSC312 by the end of next week (Aug 16th). In Progress 08/20/2019
08/06/2019 Sinchak 141 hsci replace fan blade on cryostat. Can we replace with another that will work whether the blades are metal or plastic?? Pending 08/06/2019
08/06/2019 Sinchak 141 hsci reattach handle to -80. Needs a groove clip? Completed 08/08/2019
08/05/2019 Frost HSCI-160L Reattached door closure to entry door into Dean's Office copy/mail room. Closure is up on top of west wall cabinets. Completed 08/06/2019
08/05/2019 Taylor HSCI 111 Install equip. for Banuett teaching (by 8/26). Biosafety cabinet and mini fridge currently in HSCI 077. -80 freezer currently in MICR 102B In Progress 08/05/2019
08/05/2019 Santos HSCI 164F Please install letter size mesh pockets unto wall. Thank you! Completed 08/06/2019
08/01/2019 Underwood HSCI 148 Remove wooden bookshelves. Move metal shelves from desktop to floor and stack. Completed 08/08/2019
07/31/2019 DeGrazia MLSC 130 Install new ceiling mounted data projector. There is an existing mount. We have all the mounting hardware. Completed 08/07/2019
07/26/2019 DeGrazia MLSC 136C Emergency: Water leak coming from the dehumidifier next to the sink. Floor is wet. In Progress 07/26/2019
07/24/2019 DeGrazia MLSC 131 Emergency: Glassware/dish washer is leaking water !! In Progress 07/25/2019
07/23/2019 Dillon MICRO 302-A VWR 1540 benchtop incubator (the tan-colored unit located to the right of sink) is making a strange, buzzing noise; please inspect and repair as necessary Completed 07/26/2019
07/23/2019 Bormann HSI 301 Brace shelf to wall for seismic safety and hang three small whiteboards. Thank you. Completed 07/26/2019
07/22/2019 Aguilera FO3-201 Dispose of the following: 2 bookcases that are secured to wall 2 desks 1 chair Completed 08/14/2019
07/22/2019 Becker 324 - 361 Remove existing white boards in 361. Move white board in 324 (lab) to 361 (classroom). Pending 07/22/2019
07/17/2019 Husain staging area remove freezer from staging area to property Completed 07/26/2019
07/17/2019 Karteron Hall of Science, Various On Friday afternoon (for Saturday), please deliver 24 Poster Boards to: … Completed 07/23/2019
07/11/2019 Stankowich HSCI 010 Troubleshoot non-responding coyote robot controls. Completed 07/22/2019
07/11/2019 Horiuchi MLSC - 308 Emergency: The ice machine needs to have it's door fixed. Someone has broken the door off the track. Canceled 07/22/2019
07/10/2019 Whitcraft HSCI 139 as described attach the IKEA storage bin to the wall near the flammables cabinet Completed 07/23/2019
07/08/2019 Ralph HSCI 118 Install new water monitoring system In Progress 07/08/2019
07/08/2019 Ralph Marine Cage construct new dive lockers in the marine cage In Progress 07/08/2019
06/28/2019 DeGrazia MLSC 112 Drill cable holes in two lab benches. Need help with running cat5 cable to instructors desk. In Progress 06/28/2019
06/26/2019 Pernet HSCI 114 Install band of webbing to secure boxes on top cabinets in lab, to adhere to CNSM safety requirements. In Progress 06/28/2019
06/24/2019 Jacob Science Shop Fabricate plexiglass cover for vampire bat mount. In Progress 07/01/2019
06/20/2019 Leung HSCI 057 Dimmer switches need to be installed in arenas 1-4 as per discussion. For Dr. Houng-Wei Tsai's Lab. In Progress 07/02/2019
06/20/2019 Leung HSCI 057 Noldus IR cameras need to installed in behavior room arena 1 and 4 as per discussion. IR cameras left in Science Shop. For Dr. Houng-Wei Tsai's Lab. In Progress 06/28/2019
06/18/2019 Sinchak 141 hsci Noisy fan propeller need repair/replacing on cryostat. In Progress 06/19/2019
05/30/2019 Becker HSci 324 Modifications to accommodate NSF MRI equipment: … In Progress 07/08/2019
04/29/2019 Frost MIC-102C Emergency: Stack two incubators and remove wobbly table. CNSM Safety has castor stand that may be able to be used. Stacked units will need to be at least a few inches off the ground and seismically braced. In Progress 05/03/2019
04/25/2019 Huajun MLSC-325 repalcement of bench cover Pending 04/25/2019
04/15/2019 Delacuesta HSCI 047 Provide extension to snorkel exhaust so as to reach work station at south wall. Pending 04/15/2019
04/09/2019 Ralph HSCI parking lot make a bracket for the boat so that the T-top does not rest on the radar On Hold 05/24/2019
04/03/2019 Ojeda-Aristizabal HSCI 261 Thank you for helping us set gas lines for a new chemical vapor deposition setup in our lab In Progress 04/10/2019
03/27/2019 Stirling Science Shop Fabricate boat box In Progress 04/02/2019
03/20/2019 Manandhar MLSC 215 Emergency: Shaker incubator is not working. In Progress 03/20/2019
03/08/2019 Stankowich HSCI 010 Complete owl glider, Troubleshoot lack of power to motors of coyote robot In Progress 03/20/2019
03/04/2019 Giffin MLSC 206 Avanti JE (north unit). The circuit beaker trips each time I try and turn the machine on. Need help diagnosing the issue. In Progress 03/11/2019
02/27/2019 Tian MLSC-312 Please install a gas tank rack for nitrogen. In Progress 03/01/2019
02/20/2019 DE LA CUESTA MIC 006, MIC 207 Please move and mount bulletin board and hang slip board from MIC 006 to MIC 207. Pending 02/20/2019
02/13/2019 DE LA CUESTA MIC 207 Please mount book shelf to wall behind desk. See John for details. thanks. Pending 02/13/2019
02/07/2019 Morfin MLSC-238 Flammable storage shelf door hinges are rusted through. The locks are also rusted and falling off. I have taken off the shelf holders because they have rusted off. New door hinges, locks, and shelf… In Progress 02/13/2019
02/06/2019 DE LA CUESTA MLSC 238 Repair damaged shelving in flammables cabinet. See Chris Frost for details. 55623. thanks In Progress 02/13/2019
01/22/2019 DE LA CUESTA HSCI 035 Remove neck rings on select 200CF compressed gas cylinders. Pending 01/22/2019
01/18/2019 DE LA CUESTA HSCI 035 Please fabricate rack for size "E" gas cylinders. 2 racks needed. one for Oxygen, one for CO2. Pending 01/18/2019
12/20/2018 Delhousay MLSC 217 part of paraffin embedding machine not functioning. needs repair In Progress 01/31/2019
12/12/2018 Ralph HSCI 115 Fix chairs In Progress 12/19/2018
12/06/2018 Giffin MLSC 206 Ice machine descale shelf build. Completed 08/02/2019
10/31/2018 Jacob Science Shop Create support structure for giraffe legs In Progress 01/31/2019
10/17/2018 Douglass MIC-005 Assistance repairing ultramicrotomes In Progress 10/17/2018
10/15/2018 Darjany N/A Hi, I was wondering if you could help me build a Clam farm... 1foot x 1 foot waterproof acrylic box open at the top. Sort of like an ant farm style. It only needs to be about 1/2 an inch wide. … On Hold 08/02/2019
10/09/2018 Giffin MLSC 207 Move an incubator from MLSC 207 to MLSC 102 and one from 102 to 104. In Progress 10/10/2018
10/03/2018 Narayanaswami MLSC 207A There is an incubator in the cell culture room MLSC 2nd floor 207A that has to be retired. I labeled it as such. Could you please remove it? … In Progress 10/10/2018
09/26/2018 Sinchak HSCI 047 Extend exhaust snorkel to reach procedure table at south wall of room. In Progress 10/30/2018
09/18/2018 Eldon MLSC 209A The 25C Percival incubator near the door to 209A is not maintaining temperature well. The low temperature alarm is frequently activated. (It is set for 19C.) Please let me know when it would be… In Progress 09/21/2018
07/29/2018 Brusslan MLSC 210 Growth chamber A.C. not functioning. Door left open and safety temp set to keep chamber limping on during the weekend. Started warming up Friday at 5 pm (or course). In Progress 07/30/2018
07/26/2018 Frost MLSC-326 Ground and possibly duct solvent dispenser system. In Progress 08/06/2018
07/03/2018 Brusslan MLSC 210 The older Percival is leaking water from the condenser fans. We think the leaking started on Monday. In Progress 07/13/2018
06/01/2018 Ly Fixing digital barometer vaccubrand digital barometer only reads "err" (error) when it is turned on. In Progress 06/04/2018
05/16/2018 Eldon MLSC 209 Emergency: The upright -20C freezer in MLSC 209 seems to have died. Its contents are currently in a teaching lab freezer, which is only available temporarily. In Progress 01/31/2019
05/02/2018 De la Cuesta MIC 304A Secure CO2 cylinder with strap or chain. Pending 05/02/2018
04/18/2018 Ralph HSCI fix flow on Jelly tank In Progress 04/27/2018
04/16/2018 Frost MLSC-332 Fabrication and placement of 2 wheel blocks for a rolling cart, preferably from non-combustible materials. Pending 04/16/2018
03/22/2018 Frost HSCI-035 Addition of uni-strut to expertly fabricated recently added oxygen cylinder bay. Pending 03/22/2018
03/21/2018 Lorenzi MICRO Chase, 100 Level Put belt in motor of exhaust system and motor maintenance In Progress 03/23/2018
03/13/2018 Ojeda-Aristizabal HSCI 261 Thank you for providing us advise on the connections from plumbing system installed by Brent in the past to our application. Also, we would like to introduce a filter in the plumbing circuit In Progress 03/23/2018
02/13/2018 DeGrazia MLSC 131 Isotemp thermo bath not heating anymore. In Progress 04/03/2018
02/05/2018 Ojeda-Aristizabal Long Beach Build an additional set of steps to access the new closed cycle cryostat In Progress 02/05/2018
02/01/2018 Dillon Micro 302A Floor model shaking incubator is out of balance and not shaking properly. In Progress 02/15/2018
01/29/2018 Sakai Micro108 I took two centrifuges to fix ( I believe) last summer. I have not heard back yet. Please check to see how they are. I left my phone and e-mail and I did not fill any form or anything. If necessary, I… In Progress 01/29/2018
01/10/2018 Fisher HSCI 078 Purchase, cut and install plastic sheet for high table. Install high table in HSCI 078. Pending 01/10/2018
11/28/2017 Marinez Recycling/Lay Down yard near Housing Office Need Refrigerator moved from VEC 215 to the Recycling/Lay Down yard near Housing office. On Hold 12/04/2017
10/02/2017 Mastro Long Beach In MLSC 111, provide lips for shelves to meet sesmic regulations. In Progress 10/09/2017
07/27/2017 Jacob HSCI Basement Make locking security bars for display cases In Progress 10/27/2017
07/25/2017 Frost Science Shop Have large steel push cart in need of modification and repair. Need metal elements removed and new handle installed. Pending 07/25/2017
06/21/2017 Fisher MLSC 211 Brunswick shaker not shaking. In Progress 07/06/2017
06/13/2017 Frost Long Beach Repair door handle on -80 freezer in MIC-008A. Pending 06/13/2017
05/31/2017 Brusslan MLSC 210 Power supply LCD not visible. In Progress 08/04/2017
05/03/2017 Frost MIC-006 Fabrication of 10 anti-tip sharps container holders. CNSM Safety has large amounts of acrylic for project. CNSM Shop input sought on design. In Progress 05/09/2017
04/24/2017 Banuett Micro 303B Emergency: The internal outlet in one of my incubators is not working or is loose. I need this repaired urgently because I depend on this incubator for growth of my cultures on a daily basis. Thank you. In Progress 05/12/2017
03/30/2017 Fisher HSCI 077 Herbarium cabinet lever handle tune-up and lock replacement. In Progress 05/09/2017
02/28/2017 Brunner MLSC 120 Remove Bookshelf 3 and stackers, etc to storage. … In Progress 04/03/2017
12/13/2016 Tavassol MLSC Removing lab benches and installing gas cylinder housings per discussion On Hold 01/25/2017
11/07/2016 Wood HSCI-164E Lower desk back to standard heigh for new HPAO Coordinator. Involves removing added heigh adjusting feet and lowering on the wall bracket. On Hold 11/09/2016
09/22/2016 Jacob HSCI-076 Construct a 3x3x2 foot box to house a dermestid beetle colony. I can provide a drawing of its basic design. In Progress 02/06/2017
06/03/2016 Barilotti Coastal CA JWS & GSB Tagging Pending 06/03/2016
04/27/2016 Rangel Office Wall I would like to install a glass board on my walk where my old white board hangs. Pending 04/27/2016
04/05/2016 De la Cuesta HSCI 035 fabricate and install gas racks for argon, O2, He, flammables bays Pending 04/05/2016
02/29/2016 Tarassol Laser Facility Hang laser curtain around table and build light proof enclosure. On Hold
Need Additional Info.
02/24/2016 Underwood MICR 004A Please install air filters on ceiling air vents. On Hold 03/01/2016
08/26/2015 Zhao MLSC325 exhausting pipes for oven On Hold
Waiting on materials
07/28/2015 Thorson HSCI Rooftop and Lower Campus Greenhouses Routing evaporative cooler maintenance. Change pads, belts, and lubricate as necessary. Pending 07/28/2015