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California State University, Long Beach
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

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Note: The College Shop also has walk-in hours MWF 9:00-10:00am and TTH 1:00-2:00pm (starting 3/21/16).

Service Request

Service Request Queue

Last Name Location Description Status Updated
11/17/2017 Derakhshan MLSC 332 Installation of a gas cylinder rack and a furnace stand rack. In Progress 11/17/2017
11/16/2017 Kawano Brotman Hall My students and I would like some help with transporting about a dozen small and tall filing cabinets from Brotman Hall to my lab (MIC 008A) on December 15th at 10 am. Pending 11/16/2017
11/10/2017 Becker Long Beach install fine threaded hex screws at the end of calibration rods for fine adjustment of strain meter Pending 11/10/2017
11/09/2017 Fisher HSCI 078 Move herbarium specimen cabinets to hallway and brace them. Please coordinate time with me so I may move the specimens. In Progress 11/09/2017
11/08/2017 Ralph HSCI 118 fix (if possible)Parker boat trailer winch handle In Progress 11/09/2017
11/06/2017 May Shark Lab Boat box for Boston Whaler in parking lot. In Progress 11/07/2017
11/02/2017 Ralph HSCI 118 one of our UV units is not working, can you check the ballasts to see if that is the issue? Completed 11/06/2017
11/01/2017 Asanidze HSCI 110 We need a table removed and taken to the storage behind the SWRC. Please and thank you! Pending 11/01/2017
10/26/2017 Becker Long Beach Need 2 "washer" plates for our strain experiment. They will be screwed into the coupling and extend out 1 1/4 from the pipe (2 3/8 + 1 1/4" diameter. Chris Ciervo will bring down… Completed 10/31/2017
10/23/2017 Asanidze HSCI 205 Our electronic stapler has somehow jammed. Completed 10/24/2017
10/10/2017 De la Cuesta HSCI 058 Install unistrut gas rack (for one cylinder) on West wall. See Natalie for specific location. Completed 10/24/2017
10/06/2017 Tian HSCI-353 Gasline leaking check for the GC system. Thank you. In Progress 10/18/2017
10/05/2017 Stankowich tube cutting Cut 6 12' square tubes in half (2 x 6') and notch the ends as before. Completed 10/27/2017
10/02/2017 Mastro Long Beach In MLSC 111, provide lips for shelves to meet sesmic regulations. In Progress 10/09/2017
10/02/2017 DeGrazia MLSC 131 Fix part that snapped off a model. Model is in 131. Completed 10/23/2017
09/26/2017 Tsai Science Shop- walk-in Two rotator devices not functioning correctly. model 2314 drive belt broken, model 4631 drive making loud noise. Completed 11/06/2017
09/12/2017 Ralph HSCI 118 switch out broken blower In Progress 09/12/2017
08/25/2017 Jacob HSCI-078 Finish installation of seismic bracing for specimen cases on compactor shelves. Completed 11/01/2017
08/22/2017 DeGrazia MLSC 129 Looking for replacements for built-in cabinet shelf clips. The plastic ones are breaking and I need to get some replacements. In Progress 09/18/2017
08/18/2017 DeGrazia MLSC 136C, 131,136B Move old lab benches with slate tops in 136C for junk/trash disposal … Pending 08/18/2017
08/09/2017 De la Cuesta HSCI 035 Install gas rack/bay for flammable gases. Install flame barrier. Not an emergency but high priority as this is a fire code/safety issue. Pending 08/09/2017
07/31/2017 Douglass MIC-004A Manufacture a single specimen holder for the SEM Pending 07/31/2017
07/27/2017 Jacob HSCI Basement Make locking security bars for display cases In Progress 10/27/2017
07/25/2017 Frost Science Shop Have large steel push cart in need of modification and repair. Need metal elements removed and new handle installed. Pending 07/25/2017
06/21/2017 Fisher MLSC 211 Brunswick shaker not shaking. In Progress 07/06/2017
06/13/2017 Frost Long Beach Repair door handle on -80 freezer in MIC-008A. Pending 06/13/2017
06/08/2017 Livingston MICR 008A Ask facilities to cap off utilities to lab bench closest to 008B. Remove lab bench. In Progress 08/04/2017
06/06/2017 Satterfield Marine lab Housing tank acrylic cut and glue, Brent has layout with description Completed 10/25/2017
05/31/2017 Brusslan MLSC 210 Power supply LCD not visible. In Progress 08/04/2017
05/23/2017 DE LA CUESTA MLSC 310, 315 Hood lights not working. Please contact CNSM Safety for details and spare lamps. In Progress 06/06/2017
05/03/2017 Frost MIC-006 Fabrication of 10 anti-tip sharps container holders. CNSM Safety has large amounts of acrylic for project. CNSM Shop input sought on design. In Progress 05/09/2017
04/24/2017 Banuett Micro 303B Emergency: The internal outlet in one of my incubators is not working or is loose. I need this repaired urgently because I depend on this incubator for growth of my cultures on a daily basis. Thank you. In Progress 05/12/2017
03/30/2017 Fisher HSCI 077 Herbarium cabinet lever handle tune-up and lock replacement. In Progress 05/09/2017
03/13/2017 DeGrazia MLSC 131 Update on audiometers- we have narrowed the problems down to 2 headsets. One of them is not working and the other one does not work on the right side. They are in my office. Not sure if these can be… Completed 11/17/2017
02/28/2017 Brunner MLSC 120 Remove Bookshelf 3 and stackers, etc to storage. … In Progress 04/03/2017
01/18/2017 Logan HSCI 116 Tagging applicator tips need to be made and threaded Completed 11/01/2017
12/13/2016 Tavassol MLSC Removing lab benches and installing gas cylinder housings per discussion On Hold 01/25/2017
11/07/2016 Wood HSCI-164E Lower desk back to standard heigh for new HPAO Coordinator. Involves removing added heigh adjusting feet and lowering on the wall bracket. On Hold 11/09/2016
09/22/2016 Jacob HSCI-076 Construct a 3x3x2 foot box to house a dermestid beetle colony. I can provide a drawing of its basic design. In Progress 02/06/2017
06/03/2016 Barilotti Coastal CA JWS & GSB Tagging Pending 06/03/2016
04/27/2016 Rangel Office Wall I would like to install a glass board on my walk where my old white board hangs. Pending 04/27/2016
04/05/2016 De la Cuesta HSCI 035 fabricate and install gas racks for argon, O2, He, flammables bays Pending 04/05/2016
02/29/2016 Tarassol Laser Facility Hang laser curtain around table and build light proof enclosure. On Hold
Need Additional Info.
02/24/2016 Underwood MICR 004A Please install air filters on ceiling air vents. On Hold 03/01/2016
02/18/2016 Slowinska Shop-Jim Fabricate Teflon cell plate per discussion Pending 02/18/2016
08/26/2015 Zhao MLSC325 exhausting pipes for oven On Hold
Waiting on materials
07/28/2015 Thorson HSCI Rooftop and Lower Campus Greenhouses Routing evaporative cooler maintenance. Change pads, belts, and lubricate as necessary. Pending 07/28/2015