STEM Math Placement for 2019 Freshmen

Students majoring in chemistry, biology, geology, mathematics, and physics are required to complete calculus as part of their degree. Please note that all CNSM 4-year degree plans start with Calculus 1 (either MATH 119A for life sciences or MATH 122 for physical sciences and mathematics). Starting math sequence in MATH 113/MATH 111 or in MATH 112A will add 1 or 2 semesters to your degree.

CSULB requires an ALEKS mathematics placement assessment FOR ALL STEM FRESHMAN* to determine their readiness for College Algebra and Calculus courses:

*Students with appropriate transfer credit, advanced placement credit (score of 3-5 on calculus AB [MATH 122 credit] or BC [MATH 123 credit]), or international baccalaureate credit (IB Math Higher Level 4 or higher [MATH 122 credit]) are exempt from this requirement.

The purpose of the Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces (ALEKS) Mathematics Placement Program is to assess each individual student's math skills and place him/her into an appropriate college math course. To register for the learning module log into your CSULB SSO account and follow the instructions [PDF].

CNSM freshmen classified as "general education math ready" will receive access ALEKS via Single Sign-On. CNSM freshmen classified as "in need of additional support in mathematics" will complete aleks as part of Early Start Mathematics program.

You are expected to independently complete 4 ALEKS assessments.

On your own, take the initial diagnostics (1st assessment) to determine your current mathematics knowledge. This assessment generally takes 60 to 120 minutes and has no more than 30 questions. ALEKS PPL uses your work in the initial diagnostics to determine what topics you need to learn in the Prep and Learning Module in order for you to improve your mathematics knowledge.

There is a 48 hour cool-off period between any two consecutive assessments. During this period, work in the Prep and Learning Module to refresh and improve your mathematics skills for at least 5 hours. The more time you spend on the Prep and Learning Module, the better your score will be on the next assessment. After you have spent at least 5 hours, take another assessment (2nd assessment) to obtain a new PPL score.

Continue until you have completed all 4 assessments.

Please see CNSM Freshman Orientation for dates and deadlines.

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