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California State University, Long Beach
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Letter of Recommendation Forwarding Service

The HPAO allows CSULB students and recent alumni to store their letters of recommendation for their professional and graduate school application in our office. Future professional and graduate school applicants will need to complete a Letter of Recommendation Forwarding Service Application to open a Letters of Recommendation File. Students must request original letters of recommendation from faculty and/or supervisors of relevant clinical, volunteer, community service, or work experience and have the reference submit them directly to the HPAO. All letters will be kept on file until the student requests that they be forward to professional schools, central application services, or graduate programs (letters will be held for one year unless the student extends the time). Please note this office does not subscribe to VirtualEvals.


Benefit to Students

The intent is to streamline the application process by:

  1. Obtaining one letter from each recommender, which can then be copied and sent to multiple programs or uploaded as a letter packet (includes multiple letters) to a central application service (e.g. AMCAS or AADSAS)
  2. Allowing students to obtain letters in advance of the application (while the student is "fresh" in the recommender's mind)
  3. Ensuring that letters arrive together as a package, and
  4. Securing, if designated by the student, a confidential reference file


Letter of Recommendation Forwarding Service Instructions

Step 1: Set up a Forwarding Service Application

To set up a Letter of Recommendation File with HPAO, please complete the Forwarding Service Application. From there, either submit the application directly to the office during business hours (HSCI-164), or by emailing us at

Step 2: Instructions for your Letter Writers

If you currently have a letter file set up with our office, ask for letters of recommendation and submit letters to the HPAO. The form Writing and Submitting the Letters of Recommendation should be given to all recommenders (e.g. faculty/supervisor) for guidance on how to compose a recommendation letter and how to send their letter to the HPAO. Double check with your application service if they need the letters directly sent from the letter writer, or if through the HPAO will suffice. Several application services do not accept letters sent through our office, so be sure to understand the specific policy for your program.

Step 3: Forwarding Request

If you currently have a letter file set up with our office, and you are ready to have us send the letters to professional schools, central application services, or a graduate program, complete a Letter of Recommendation Forwarding Request. Fill out the form and email it to, or bring it by the SAS Center and give to a staff member directly (if applicable, you must include mailing stamps, and if you wish, mailing labels, see instructions in the document). Please note that each time you need the office to send your letters, you will need to submit a new request form. Please allow up to 5 business days to complete your request.

Step 4: Further Instructions for AMCAS /AACOMAS/ AADSAS

Are you applying to Allopathic (MD) Medicals Schools through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS), or Osteopathic (DO) schools through the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOMAS), or Dental Schools through the Associated American Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS)? If so, please see further instructions below:

*If you are having trouble with either of the online fillable forms they are only available for use in Internet Explorer. For all other browsers, please save the form and open using Adobe Reader for maximum compatibility. Need Adobe Reader? Get it safe and free here!