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California State University, Long Beach
Health Professions Advising Office

Career Planning

Pre-Health Handouts

The following pre-health handouts are designed to provide you with valuable information about the profession, required education and training, pre-requisites coursework, standarized exams, and application information. It is the student's responsibility to check with individual programs for the most updated information. Please remember, these are not majors at CSULB, but are several options that you can go into after you graduate.

Updated 2015

Pre-Health Courses, Roadmaps, and Flowcharts

For non-CNSM students, please use the applicable career planning handout above to view the required courses for your intended program in conjunction with the Comprehensive Prerequisite Courses Resource Sheet. Also an additional resource for non-CNSM students pursuing the pre-med track is our Unofficial Pre-Med Roadmap (if you need to start your courses with CHEM 90 and MATH 113, please see the Unofficial Pre-Med Roadmap with CHEM 90). Keep in-mind these roadmaps are just one way to take the required courses.

For pre-health flowcharts, please see the following resources:

General Education: We recommend that all pre-health students enroll in courses that meet the following General Education requirements to help you develop a broad understanding of the health professions in relation to other disciplines of study. Review our PDF below for additional information.