How to Print Your Poster

Step 1: Preparation

Prepare your file with one of our poster templates, or use your own.

  • One edge must be 42" or 36".
  • All posters will be printed in color.
  • All posters will be printed at the size in which they are received.
  • Have all payment methods arranged prior to submitting your poster to expedite file processing.

Step 2: Submission

Submit your file a minimum of 2 business days prior to when you'd like to receive it.

  • Acceptable file format is only PDF. File size must be < 25 MB.
    • To save as pdf from powerpoint:
      • Mac: File > export > choose "pdf"
      • PC: File > SaveAs > choose "pdf"
      • Important: Do NOT print to PDF, as it will remove the poster's formatting and reset it to 8.5" x 11" (we cannot print this).
    • To check proper PDF properties (page and file size), open the PDF in adobe acrobat reader and go to File > Properties. The information is on the bottom left.
  • File submissions are only accepted through our poster submission form.

Poster Submission Form

Step 3: Confirmation

Your file will enter several stages that you will be notified about via e-mail:

  • Successful file upload/reception
  • File acceptance, confirmed dimensions, and cost
    • If being paid for by CNSM faculty or staff, a request for payment information is initiated
  • File completion and notification for pickup

Step 4: Pick Up

You may pick up your poster during lab open hours at your convenience anytime after your completion notification is received.

  • If you are paying, come with your BeachClub card pre-loaded with the specified amount to complete the transaction.
    • Receipt for poster payments can only be obtained at ID Card services in the bookstore. The G2 Computer Lab cannot provide receipts.
  • If CNSM faculty or staff is covering the costs, come with your confirmation number to validate payment by an external CNSM source.
  • Once the poster leaves the G2 computer lab, there are no refunds or replacements.
  • The actual poster may vary from what was on seen on the screen. We do not provide test prints or proofing.

Other Printing Services

Alternative printing services are available:

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