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California State University, Long Beach
Jensen SAS Center - Student Access to Science and Mathematics

Make a G2 Print Account

User Account

Students are required to have a print account specific to the G2 Computer Lab connected to an active BeachID to be able to log on to any G2 Lab Computer. To open a G2 Print account, a student must make a $5 non-refundable deposit using his/her BeachClub and turn in the associated G2 Lab Account Form. The initial $5 deposit is credited toward initial printing costs. Please note, the G2 Print Account balance and BeachClub are separate accounts. Please contact for more information.

G2 Computer Lab Policy

Resources Reimbursement Cost

$5 deposit due at account creation credited to your G2 Computer Lab account for printing

Note: A new account must be created at the beginning of every Summer. All monies added to each G2 account not used by the end of Spring Semester is forfeited and non-refundable.

  • Laser B/W Printing: $0.06 per page deducted from your G2 Computer Lab account
  • Color Laser Printing: $0.50 per page deducted from your G2 Computer Lab account
  • Scanning: Free!

Acceptable Payment methods: BeachClub is the only form of payment we can accept. Monies added to your G2 Print account are for lab supply reimbursement and once added are only available for use in the G2 Lab and are non-refundable.

I. The following may result in your account being disabled:

  • Repeatedly failing to log off from your account when finished.
  • Logging on with one account to multiple computers at the same time.

II. The following can result in expulsion from the lab:

  • Altering or destroying any data or software settings on any computers or the network systems.
  • Planting a computer virus or worm on any school computer.
  • Using the computers to copy or remove copyrighted material.
  • Downloading and/or installing unauthorized software into the computer hard drive.
  • Accessing files that contain inappropriate or illegal materials such as pornography.
  • Sharing your computer account with other students.
  • Sending or receiving messages that are, or can be, considered as harassing in nature.
  • Sending messages aliased or masqueraded as if from someone else.