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California State University, Long Beach
Jensen SAS Center - Student Access to Science and Mathematics

G2 Computer Lab FAQs

My Mac won't connect to to the Virtual Desktop, now what?

How to connect an Apple computer to the G2 virtual infrastructure.

Who is allowed to use the Jensen SAS Center G2 Computer Lab?

Our services are geared toward CNSM students which provides access to various computer application programs and services; however, all students are welcome to use our lab and printing services with the required account and fee. Faculty and Staff of the CNSM are also allowed limited use of the computers, but not the general printing services. See Leon Wood for more details.

How do I get an account and what is the fee?

You can fill out and initial the account request form and either bring it in to Leon Wood at HSCI 161 or submit it via e-mail to There is a $5 fee for account creation that will charged to your BeachClub account at the time of account creation. The $5 will be deposited as initial funds into your student account for printing at the G2 Computer Lab. Funds are able to be replenished any time during open lab hours.

What forms of payments are accepted for general printing purposes?

We only accept BeachClub.

Ok... But How Can I Add Money to My Account?

You can deposit or add funds to your BeachClub online using your Visa/Master debit/credit card by visiting the ID Card Services website. Or you can visit ID card services inside the University Bookstore.

A transaction receipt will be sent by e-mail or, visit ID Card Services counter inside the University Bookstore. There is no fee to use your credit card.

Can Receipts be provided for items printed at the G2 Computer Lab?

We are unable to provide receipts for items printed from the G2 Computer Lab.

But What If I Really Need a Receipt!?!?

After you have paid for your poster or added funds to your G2 Computer Lab print account using your BeachClub account, you can obtain a transaction receipt at the ID Card Services counter located inside the University Bookstore.

Online Receipt Confirmation Sample:

online receipt sample

E-mail Receipt Confirmation Sample:

email receipt sample