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California State University, Long Beach
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Biohazardous Materials and Bloodborne Pathogen Training

CNSM Personnel who will work with biohazardous materials must first complete Biohazardous Materials training. To begin training please read the following documents:

After reviewing the above documents, attend the in person CNSM Biohazardous Materials training typically held the third Wednesday of each month at 1pm. The training will begin in the Science Safety Office, MIC-207. Enrollment is limited to 6 attendees and advanced reservation is required. Email to make a reservation.

Bloodborne Pathogen Training is included within CNSM Biohazardous Materials training and is required for work with human blood, tissues, cell lines or other potentially infectious materials as per the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard (CCR Title 8, Section 5193). The campus Exposure Control Plan for Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens is printed and available for review in the Science Safety Office.