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California State University, Long Beach
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Autoclave Safety Training Quiz

Please view Autoclave Training slides before taking this quiz.

Upon submission of the quiz, you will receive a confirmation email with your quiz score. While a perfect score is required to pass, there is no limit to the number of times the quiz may be retaken before the required perfect score is achieved.

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About You


For each question, please select the best single answer from the choices below.

1) I have read through and understand the autoclave-training slides. I understand that I must read and understand the training slides before I attempt this quiz.
2) Ethanol can and should be autoclaved.
3) Sterilization works best when all surfaces come in contact with steam.
4) Heat stable plastic secondary containment will have a marking on it to denote that it is autoclavable.
5) Improper use of an autoclave can lead to injury and costly repairs.
6) When autoclaving liquids only fill the container:
7) You are required to use your PPE when loading and unloading the autoclave.
8) When autoclaving waste that contains small partials, seal the bag prior to autoclaving.
9) It is okay to bypass or abort a flush cycle on occasion.
10) If you plan to autoclave 8L of liquid, what size secondary containment is recommended?
11) Prior to autoclaving glassware always verify that:
12) In the event of bad burn you should first:
13) What is the first thing that you need to do EVERY TIME when you enter the autoclave room?
14) What is the primary function of secondary containment?
15) Which items below can be autoclaved in CSULB autoclaves?
16) What is NOT considered proper personal protective equipment (PPE) when using an autoclave?
17) Who is NOT a first point of contact for autoclaves?
18) What is the point of this quiz?

I understand that completing this quiz with a perfect score WITHOUT reading and understanding the training slides does not make someone a proficient and safe user of autoclaves.

Remember these are common pieces of equipment; the better we all take care of these items the longer they will last. Be respectful and do your best to keep this area clean.