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Proposal Submission Portal

Proposal Submission Process

Step 1: Notice of Intent

Identify funding agency and submit a Notice of Intent Form to ensure that adequate time is reserved for assistance with the internal clearance process and to submit your proposal and appropriate agency forms before the submission deadline date.

Step 2: Budgeting

Two to four weeks in advance contact and/or submit draft budget to Pre-Awards Grants Administrator, Office of University Research ( or 985-4539). Upon final approval by PI the final budget will be forwarded to the ORSP to begin the internal clearance process. Foundation Pre-Award Budgeting Information.

Step 3: Internal Clearance

Complete an Internal Clearance Form and submit to ORSP. The form, along with the final budget and summary/abstract/scope of work is circulated via email for approvals by the PI, Co-PI, Department Chair, Dean, and Administrative Services Manager (ASM). For proposals requiring cost match/cost share, additional documentation may be required. This process may take 4-5 days. Internal clearance can be processed before the proposal is finalized and must be completed before the proposal can be submitted.

Step 4: Submission

Once the Internal Clearance Form has been approved by the department and college, it is circulated to the Foundation for budget audit, then receives final review by Administration and Finance and Academic Affairs. When all reviews have been completed the proposal can be submitted. When electronic submission is required, OUR staff will assist the PI in completing agency forms and uploading the proposal, particularly the budget. The proposal will be submitted by the AVP for Research or Designee.

Step 5

ORSP will notify the PI via e-mail, copying the Foundation, that internal clearance has been completed and will assign a log number.

Step 6

When an award is received, the Foundation contacts the PI directly to assign a project number and project manager for post-award fiscal administration.

Proposal Preparation & Submission Portal

CAYUSE 424 - Grant opportunities offered through can be submitted through the CSULB CAYUSE 424 PI Portal. Contact your Pre-Award Grants Administrator for all other grant opportunities.

CSULB Internal Procedures & Authorizations

CSULB F&A Return Policy

CNSM Teaching Reassigned Time Policy

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Regulatory Compliance Information

Regulatory Issue Links to Explanatory Documents
Human Subjects
Vertebrate animals
Materials of human origin? (Organs, blood or body fluids)
Biohazards, rDNA and/or infectious materials (e.g., Cultured human cell lines, plant or animal retroviruses, parasites, bacteria, select agents)
Radioactive materials, equipment producing ionizing radiation?
Hazardous chemicals: Chemicals presenting reproductive, high acute or chronic toxicity, or are flammable, reactive, corrosive? (e.g., Mutagens, teratogens, carcinogens, nanomaterials, nanoparticles)
Hazardous chemical/biological waste
DEA Controlled Substances
Collecting/transportation permit (biological, archeological, soil/ geological)
Facility Modifications
  • Contact your College Facilities Coordinator or Facilities Management

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