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  • Historical Mission and Current Commitment to the recruitment, retention, training, graduation, and success of underrepresented, low-income and first-generation students at CSULB – Results of a 2013 University Task Force Study.
  • Office of Institutional Research and Assessment: yearly and semester summary reporting on faculty workload, enrollments, demographics; degrees granted; faculty evaluation processing and reporting; academic department program review; enrollment management for University and various academic units.
  • Admissions, enrollment, retention, and degrees granted reports on demand that can be specified at the University, College, Department, or Program level.

Regulatory Compliance and Assurances

Resources for Various Regulatory Issues
Regulatory Issue Explanatory Resources
Biohazards, rDNA and/or Infectious Materials
(e.g., cultured human cell lines, plant or animal retroviruses, parasites, bacteria, select agents)
CSULB Biohazardous Materials and Bloodborne Pathogen Training
Collecting/Transportation Permit
(biological, archeological, soil/geological)
Conflicts of Interest CSULB ORSP Training and Education
DEA Controlled Substances CSULB Controlled Substances: Protocol
Facility Modifications Contact Your College Facilities Coordinator or Facilities Management
Hazardous Chemical/Biological Waste CSULB Biohazardous Materials and Bloodborne Pathogen Training
Hazardous Chemicals
(e.g., mutagens, teratogens, carcinogens, nanomaterials, nanoparticles)
Material Safety Data Sheets
Human Subjects – Institutional Review Board (IRB) CSULB ORSP Training and Education
Lasers CSULB Laser Safety
Materials of Human Origin
(e.g., organs, blood, body fluids)
CSULB Biohazardous Materials and Bloodborne Pathogen Training
NSF/NIH Responsible Conduct of Research CSULB Responsible Conduct of Research Courses
Radioactive Materials CSULB Radiation Safety Office
Vertebrate Animals – Institutional Animal Care and Use (IACUC) CSULB ORSP Training and Education