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California State University, Long Beach

Instruments and Equipment


Equipment and Contacts
Instrument Name Description Contact Location
3-D Scanner
(3-D Laser Scanner)
Scanner that captures fine detail to 100 micron precision of 3-dimensional objects and allows the data collected to be... T. Stankowich HSCI-010
(Alternating Gradient Magnetometer)
System is able to detect the magnetic properties of materials and is able to do so while sample and room are at room... C. Kwon HSCI-276
Anaerobic Hood Sealed hood that is completely deprived of oxygen which allows specific anoxic/hypoxic experiments to be conducted. J. Dillon Micro-302
Baking Oven
(Barnstead Oven/Incubator)
Used to bake glassware and other items to high temperatures to assure sterility and cleanliness or to keep experimental... M. Giffin MLSC-207A
Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis
(InBody 320 Bioelectrical Impedance Body Composition Analyzer)
Segmental and total body composition analysis. J. Cotter KIN-116
Bod Pod
(Bod Pod Air Displacement Plethysmograph for Body Composition)
Air displacement plethysmograph to determine body composition (fat and fat free mass) in adult and children. Full test... J. Cotter KIN-116
Bone Densitometer
(GE Lunar Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA) for Bone Densitometry)
Full-size, pencil-beam, bone densitometry system for diagnosis of osteoporosis and fracture risks and total body... J. Cotter KIN-113
Cold Cycle Refrigerator System simulates extremely low temperatures and is able to go to 10 Kelvin. T. Gredig HSCI-239
Cold Room Walk-in cold room with temperature control for various temperatures (kept at 4°C), large area for storing experimental... M. Giffin MLSC-207
(Cryostat CM)
Device keeps very low cryogenic temperatures of samples, this allows the user time to section or cut samples/tissues. K. Sinchak HSCI
Electrocardiography (ECG)
(XScribe 5 Electrocardiography for Stress Exercise Testing)
12 Lead ECG system for use during resting and exercise testing J. Cotter KIN-113
(Wax Embedder)
Part of the fixing process when making histological slides, this piece of equipment is one part of the entire fixing... K. Young MLSC-217
Freeze Dry Unit
(Watlow Freeze Dryer)
Freeze dry system allows for drying various forms of samples. L. Stevens HSCI-303
Freeze Dryer
(Freezone 2.5)
Instrument used to freeze dry samples; small design for light loads. P. Weers MLSC-245
Fume Hood
(Ductless Fume Hood)
System provides self-contained workstation that helps protect the operators breathing zone from harmful airborne fumes... Y. Lee Micro-105A
Grain/Particle Size Analyzer
(Saturn Digisizer II)
Particle size analyzer that uses light scattering analysis and advanced digital detection technology to reach high... V. Lorenzi Micro-106A
High Pressure Reactor Chamber allows reactions to occur at variable pressures and temperatures. E. Marinez MLSC-331
Holding Tank Circular tanks used to house organisms of varying types for experimental purposes and educational purposes. System is... Y. Ralph HSCI-118
Metabolic Cart
(TrueOne 2400 Metabolic Cart)
Metabolic measurement system for cardiopulmonary stress testing, indirect calorimetry (resting and exercise caloric... J. Cotter KIN-113
(Microinjection System)
Allows the injection of material/chemicals into small structures/specimens; as injecting DNA into drosophila sp. The... E. Eldon MLSC-211
(Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect)
Induces a magnetic moment of sample and allows for a local measurement as a laser reflects off surface. The change in... J. Gu HSCI-259
Peristaltic Pump
(Omnispense Peristaltic Pump)
Peristaltic pump used to dispense liquids with precision due to a microprocessor control. E. Eldon MLSC-211
(Physical Property Measurement System)
System that allows you to measure various properties of elements/compounds and how those properties change with a... J. Gu HSCI-235
(Interactive Projector)
System projects an interactive display on a tabletop and can be used in association with computer programs to identify... J. Miles PSY-424
Shaker Bath
(Shaking Waterbath)
Temperature controlled waterbath that allows samples to be shaking while being heated. The bath can vary from 50mm to... L. Stevens HSCI-303
Solar Light Simulator Unit mimics the light intensity of the sun using a 100 watt system. T. Gredig HSCI-239
Solar Simulator Solar simulated radiation based on a powerful 300W ceramic xenon lamp. A reliable exposure tool enclosed in a standard... S. Mezyk HSCI-357
(Integrated Speedvac System (issno))
Used for drying samples usually for DNA/RNA preparation; comes with 3 drying rates and a 64- 1.5ml rotor to increase... M. Giffin MLSC-206
Sputtering System
(ATC-1800F Sputtering System)
System uses 5 sources that can mount multilayer materials using a vacuum system that can reach 10-8 torr in pressure. ... J. Gu HSCI-233
Sputtering System
(EMS 575X)
Instrument conducts high resolution for fine coating and produces an even thickness of 20 nanometers or 20 Angstroms. T. Gredig HSCI-237
Thermal Evaporator
(NTE 300 Thermal Evaporator)
System can lay down organic material on various surfaces to create multiple components as in solar cells. T. Gredig HSCI-239
Thermomixer Systems allows for mixing of samples with temperature control. The unit allows for continuous mixing at pre-set... Y. Lee Micro-105A
Tissue slicer
(EMS 5000)
The EMS 5000 series may be used for the sectioning of samples for use in the fields of electrophysiology of fresh... H. Tsai Micro-305G
Tracking System
(Gazepoint GP3 Eye Tracker)
System allows for patient visual tracking using a computer system, the tracker has a radius roughly about 3 feet in... J. Miles PSY-424
Underwater Weighing
(Hydrostatic Weighing)
Full size hydrostatic weighing tank for body composition. J. Cotter KIN-115
UV Photolithography Allows the production and microfabrication of patterns on various parts of thin film. The process uses light to... C. Kwon HSCI-253B
Vapor Sorption Analyzer
(VTI-SA Vapor Sorption Analyzer)
Instrument conducts continuous vapor flow sorption instrument for obtaining precision water and organic vapor isotherms... V. Lorenzi Micro-105E
Wet Table System that allows for marine organisms to be contained within it by allowing water level to be kept at a specific... Y. Ralph HSCI-118A
Wire Bonder
(7400B Wire Bonder)
This instrument is an ultrasonic wedge wire bonder designed to bond wire leads between contact pads of packages, ICs,... C. Kwon HSCI-261