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California State University, Long Beach

Instruments and Equipment


Equipment and Contacts
Instrument Name Description Contact Location
Sensitive instrument that can detect very low levels of fluorescence in samples. It has a xenon arc lamp and two... P. Weers MLSC-245
(LS55 Fluorescence Spectrometer)
Using electromagnetic spectroscopy this instrument allows for the analysis of fluorescence from a sample. P. Weers MLSC-244
Plate Reader
(Synergy H1 Hybrid Reader)
Microplate reader capability from 1-384 wells; This system supports top and bottom fluorescence intensity, UV-visible... M. Giffin MLSC-206
Plate Reader
(Varioskan Plate Reader)
Varioskan Flash spectral scanning multimode reader includes fluorescence intensity, time-resolved fluorescence (TRF),... R. Acey MLSC-239
(CD Spectrometer J-810)
Device used to measure optical properties of polarized light. P. Weers MLSC-245
(P-1010 Polarimeter)
Device used to measure optical properties of polarized light. P. Buonora MLSC-315
(ACTON 1.3 meter spectrometer)
This instrument is 1.2 meters long and allows the study of interaction between matter and electromagnetic radiation,... C. Brazier HSCI-359
(QE 65000 Spectrometer)
System has a Back-Thinned CCD array detector that has a capability of high sensitivity, low light level applications... Y. Shon MLSC-330
(USB 4000)
USB spectrometer has a Liner CCD array detector allows for the detection of the emission and absorbance of color. Y. Shon MLSC-330
The Shimadzu UV-2401PC UV-Visible Spectrophotometer is a double-beam instrument that allows acquisition of UV-Visible... P. Weers MLSC-244
(DU-800 Spectrophotometer)
Spectrophotometer system that is able to measure concentrations of 5,000ng/µl with as little as 0.7µl sample. ... M. Giffin MLSC-206
(Fluorescence spectrophotometer F-7000)
Measures ion regulation in samples using a type of electromagnetic spectroscopy, system also measures the fluorescence... D. Pace MLSC-219
(Frontier FT-IR Spectrum 100)
Instrument allows the measurement of infrared (IR) spectroscopy of various materials. Y. Shon MLSC-330
(Jaz Portable Spectrophotometer)
This spectrometer is portable and is used in the field to measure and assess greenhouse lighting monitoring, remote... T. Stankowich HSCI-010
(Smart Spec Plus)
Allows for Quantitation of DNA, RNA, oligonucleotides and proteins, with a wavelength of 200-800 nm. H. Tsai Micro-305G
(UV/Vis Spectrophotometer)
Spectrophotometer allows the analysis of samples at various wavelengths within the UV and Visible spectrum (between... L. Stevens HSCI-309
UV Spectrophotometer
(UV-2450 Spectrophotometer)
Instrument is used to detect light absorption of compounds, materials and nanoparticles. Y. Shon MLSC-330
UV-vis Spectrophotometer
(Lambda 25 UV-vis)
Spectrophotometer used for UV and visible spectrum, range from 190nm-1100nm with a 1nm fixed bandwidth. Typically used... J. Schwans MLSC-242