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California State University, Long Beach

Instruments and Equipment


Equipment and Contacts
Instrument Name Description Contact Location
Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)
(EasyScan 2 AFM)
This Atomic Force Microscope is a portable system that is useful in teaching and laboratory settings where portability... T. Gredig HSCI-276
Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)
(Multimode Atomic Force Microscope)
System allows for imaging, measuring and manipulating matter at the nanoscale level. There is a variable deflection... T. Gredig HSCI-276
Compound Microscope
(Nikon ECLIPSE E600)
Compound microscope used to view prepared slides of specimens or cells/tissues. E. Eldon MLSC-200
Compound Scope
(Compound Scope 2-stage)
Compound microscope used to achieve high level of magnification for samples and specimens by utilizing a second stage. B. Pernet HSCI-114
(Confocal Microscope)
System allows for imaging with increased optical resolution and contrast of a micrograph by means of adding a spatial... Y. Lee MLSC-201
Demonstration Scope
(Leica M275 Stereoscope)
Stereoscope optimal for surgeries with a mounted camera. Allows for great imaging of specimens with optimum focus. D. Lee PSY-400F
Digital Inverted Microscope
(Fluorescent Microscope AMG Evos fl.)
Inverted fluorescence microscope using both fluorescence and transmitted light and contains a highly sensitive camera... D. Fraser MLSC-222
Dissecting Epi-microscope
(Nikon-SMZ 1500)
Dissecting microscope that allows for a zoom range from 0.75X to 11.25X, it has a camera attached which allows the user... E. Eldon MLSC-200
Electron Microscope Microscope that uses a beam of electrons to create an image of the specimen. It is capable of much higher magnifications... T. Douglass Micro-004
Fluorescence Microscope
(Nikon E800)
Fluorescence microscope contains motorized stage and a fluorescent cube with the ability to read 3 colors at the same... D. Lee PSY-406
Fluorescent Microscope
(Fluorescent Microscope Evos fl auto)
Inverted fluorescence microscope using both fluorescence and transmitted light and contains a highly sensitive camera... D. Fraser MLSC-222
Light Microscope
Wide angle non-confocal microscope, useful for cell culture experiments and equipped with a stage accepting a range of... M. Giffin MLSC-207A
Light Microscope with Camera
(Light Microscope)
Light microscope with attached camera that allows viewing and taking pictures of specimens, system is attached to a... A. Carter Micro-010
Microscope system has the ability for fluorescence and face contrast ability. D. Lee PSY-406
Microscope has capability of high magnification and is unique due to its rotating stage, allowing the user to view... L. Stevens HSCI-364
(Olympus BX51 TRF)
This Microscope is the only on campus that is a polarizing microscope and can capture the reflection of light on your... C. Kwon HSCI-261
Microscope with a 1000x capability and ability to use oil immersion. Contains a fixed stage with a camera mount. L. Stevens HSCI-364
Zoom Microscopes
(Nikon SMZ 645 Stereoscopic zoom microscopes)
Microscopes that allow great magnification for specimen work. E. Eldon MLSC-211