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California State University, Long Beach

Instruments and Equipment


Equipment and Contacts
Instrument Name Description Contact Location
Gel Imager
(UV Gel Logic Imager)
System allows for the imaging of various gels. J. Archie MLSC-212
Hybridization Oven Hybridization oven that allows for temperature control to ±0.5°C with a rotation speed of 5-60 rpm. J. Dillon Micro-302
(FluorChem E)
Digital darkroom that allows for western blot imaging, chem imaging and gel imaging. H. Tsai Micro-305G
(HAMA Reprostativ RS 20)
Equipment used to take images of specimens/organisms, allows for camera to be mounted and height to be adjusted with... R. Wilson MLSC-216
(Molecular Imager FX)
Allows for the visualization of cellular function in various systems. This instrument has a 50µm resolution and a 5... J. Brusslan MLSC-210
Investigator ProPic II
(Investigator ProPic II Protein Picking Workstation)
System uses protein gel picking technology with the addition of a high resolution line scanning imaging system and... Y. Lee Micro-105A
(Fluor S Multimager)
Multimager comes with a Peltier coold CCD (detector) that allows for a 12-bit pixel density and a pixel resolution of... J. Brusslan MLSC-210
Photo Imager
(Kodak EDAS 290)
System used to take photo images in high resolution (2 million pixels), imaging cabinet can fit UV transilluminators and... M. Giffin MLSC-213
Thermal Camera
(HS 324 Command Thermal Imaging Camera)
Cameras that are able to convey thermal heat in night/dark conditions. T. Stankowich HSCI-010
Thermal Camera
(Scout Thermal Handheld Camera)
Lightweight handheld thermal imaging camera allows a clear and crisp thermal image from target. T. Stankowich HSCI-010
Western Imaging
(Odyssey Fc)
Allows western blots to be imaged rapidly with High sensitivity for chemiluminescence and quantitative near-infrared... D. Bhandari MLSC-241
X-ray Developer
(M35A X-Omat Developer)
System is able to develop film varying in sizes (14 x 17 in., 14 x 14 in., 10 x 12 in., 24 x 24 in., 18 x 24 in., 4 x 4... M. Giffin MLSC-213