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California State University, Long Beach

Instruments and Equipment

Field Equipment

Equipment and Contacts
Instrument Name Description Contact Location
(Full Spectrum Camcorder HD)
Full spectrum camcorder that is able to detect not only UV but IR wavelength as well, allowing usage in complete... T. Stankowich HSCI-010
Infrared Spotlight Spotlight allows objects/organisms to be targeted at night without the organism knowing, giving it a thermal print which... T. Stankowich HSCI-010
Laser Rangefinder
(G-force 1300 Arc)
Laser rangefinder. T. Stankowich HSCI-010
Photosynthetic System
(L1 4600XT Portable Photosynthetic System)
System measures gas exchange and fluorescence, the unit contains two absolute C02 and H2O non-dispersive infrared... C. Whitcraft HSCI-139
(Profiler and GPS)
Unit allows operators to gather information about the bathymetric features of a watershed. C. Whitcraft HSCI-139
River Analyzer
(River Surveyor S5)
The river surveyor allows for the collection of data which tells operator things such as; flow of water, amount of water... C. Whitcraft HSCI-139
Trail Camera
(Trophy Cam HD)
Outdoor trail camera that is used to capture footage of target organism without human control. Camera captures video in... T. Stankowich HSCI-010