About the Institute

The Institute for Integrated Research on Materials, Environment and Society (IIRMES) houses a variety of analytical instrumentation facilitating a wide range of approaches including molecular, isotopic, and elemental measurements; trace organics analysis; proteomics; and bioinformatics. Research projects currently facilitated by its staff vary from environmental chemistry and toxicology, to archaeological artifact analysis and luminescence dating, to cellular and organismal phenotype analyses using proteomics techniques.

IIRMES was founded in 2004 as a centralized instrumentation facility to address the increasing demands in modern scientific work for the incorporation of new technologies and interdisciplinary approaches. Today, IIRMES is operated through the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and it serves as a vibrant center for research and collaboration offering an analytical core facility available to students, faculty, professional scientists, and environmental agencies.

Meet the Staff

Barbara Taylor, Ph.D.
IIRMES Director & Associate Dean for Research - College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Email: Barbara.Taylor@csulb.edu

Varenka Lorenzi, Ph.D.
Laboratory Coordinator, Senior Chemist
Email: Varenka.Lorenzi@csulb.edu

Alex Long
QA/QC Officer & Equipment Technician
Email: Alex.Long@csulb.edu

Yuan Yu (Kent) Lee, Ph.D.
Proteomics Facility (CEPA) Manager
Email: YuanYu.Lee@csulb.edu

Sachiko Sakai, Ph.D.
Luminescence Laboratory Manager
Email: Sachiko.Sakai@csulb.edu

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