2017 Topics

July 24 - August 4, 8:30am - noon (Monday - Friday)


2nd & 3rd Grade
It's not magic, it's science!

Join us as we unveil some of our favorite magic tricks and illusions. For two weeks you get to be the magician who does the trick and the scientist who understands the ideas behind them.
magicscience magic-science2

photos by Jeff Gritchen

3rd/4th Grade
Toying Around with Science

Slime, shrinky-dinks and 2-liter bottle rockets are just a few of the toys we’ll explore as we learn the science and engineering concepts behind some of our favorite toys.
SOLD OUT -- you can be put on a waitlist. If we get sufficient interest we will open a new section



5th/6th Grade
Marine Biology

Dive in and explore the environment at the sea's edge and our nearby oceans. Explore the abundance and diversity of marine life that thrive in this fascinating habitat.

marinebiolab kids-w-kelp

photos from CSULB Marine Bio Lab/Shark Lab visits and YSC activities


7th/8th Grade
The STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics) Maker Challenge

Rube Goldberg devices, simple machines and other science & engineering challenges await you in this two week hands-on camp. You'll design and build a variety of things to meet daily and weekly challenges.
soldering windturbine soldering-together


High School Girls (current 8th-12th grade)
Phun Physics 4 Phemales

Join an all female teaching staff and be part of a group of amazing young women exploring light, sound, and waves. You'll build musical instruments, sound systems and explore the physics of photography. You do NOT need to have had physics to participate. We'll explore topics that you probably don't get to do in a HS physics class.

2016Phun Physics team

For more information call (562) 985-4801 or email ysc_csulb@yahoo.com