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Secondary Science Methods (EDSS 450C):
Resources & Assignments

This webpage provides information on the online activities, the field work expectation for the class, and the teacher performance assessments (TPAs).

Community and Technology Resources Assignments

You must select and complete THREE assignments: ONE from Category I and TWO from Category II. Make your selections based on your instructor's directions and directions noted below each Category header.

Category I: Science Education Outside of the Classroom

These assignments require a signup.

Category II: Technology Resources and Experiences

These assignments do NOT require a signup. View assignment and follow the directions as provided.

Goals of the Community and Technology Resources Assignments

  • Provide our students, future K-12 science teachers, experience with technology learning/teaching tools that may be otherwise hard to incorporate in regular class time.
  • Expose our students to science education learning opportunities (field trips, workshops, speakers, conferences, etc.) outside the classroom walls.
  • Broaden the perception our Single Subject Science students have of ways all students can learn science.
  • Enlarge the professional perspective and knowledge base our future science teachers have about the teaching profession.

Field Work Expectations for Secondary Science Methods (EDSS 450C)

EDSS 450C students will do 15 hours of field work in middle or high school science classes. Please refer to your instructor's directions as to how the time should be spent. Use the field work observation log to document the hours you spend in the classroom. You will submit this signed form at the end of the semester.

Please note, your instructor will give you guidance on how to use these 15 hours of observation. In most cases they will be used to complete your TPA requirement.

Teaching Performance Assessments

The state has relatively new legislation which requires teacher candidates to demonstrate their teaching performance proficiency before being eligible to earn a credential. There are four tasks, called Teaching Performance Assessments (TPAs) which must be satisfactorily completed by each teacher candidate. These four tasks have been embedded into the various credential courses. The TPAs are linked to Teacher Performance Expectations (TPEs) in much the same way state tests are tied to state standards.

The College of Education's TPE/TPA Guide will provide you with examples of completed TPAs and an electronic version of the assessment. EDSS 450C students will submit their completed TPA Task 3 via Task Stream in addition to submitting a hard copy to their instructor. Your instructor will provide you with the TaskStream code for accessing this semester's page.