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Online Assignment Instructions

Greetings SCED475 and EDSS450C students!

Welcome to Teaching and Learning Science, the science teaching methods class for the multiple subject credential. In addition to the class meetings and assignments required by your instructor and the CSULB credential program, this class has an additional out-of-class component designed to give you the opportunity to explore a variety of resources that can support your efforts as a future elementary teacher.

Note that these assignments are considered to be part of the activity or lab period associated with the class (much as science laboratory sessions are associated with science lecture classes). We feel that this 'hybrid' assignment gives students more flexibility in scheduling classes, and avoids what would be a 4-hour weekly class.

The Assignment

Over the course of the semester, you will be asked to sign up for and participate in at least two activities each from two broad categories: community resources and technology resources. You will sign up and get information regarding the event or activity, as well as the accompanying reflection assignments.

Before you begin your sign-up, you'll need to activate your account. This will give you access to sign up for activities.

Category I: Science Education Outside of the Classroom

You must choose AT LEAST TWO of these to complete during the semester.

This category features a list of different events and teacher workshops sponsored by a variety of community institutions, including museums, aquariums, colleges, and other similar sites in the area. Some events are exclusive for CSULB students, others are open to the families and the public at large. Although we will have many of these options posted by the start of the semester, more events are added, and seats are added to existing events. However, don't wait until the last month to sign up—there may not be any events left by then.

Be sure to read the listed instructions carefully regarding location, directions, costs (some include entry or parking fees) and times. In many cases, an additional RSVP is required—in those cases, you are directed to contact the institution directly to make sure you spot is saved. If you see a yellow box in the 'number of seats' column, you need to complete the extra RSVP. If you fail to do so, you may be turned away at the door. PLEASE BE SURE TO READ THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR EACH EVENT CAREFULLY. MORE INFORMATION IS TYPICALLY AVAILABLE BY CLICKING ON THE TITLE OF THE EVENT.

If you have questions about sign up, you can contact your instructor or the website manager at

Category II: Technology Resources and Experiences

Choose 2 total.

Unlike the first Category, most of these activities are self-directed. You are given a website or software program to explore, and are asked to submit some product as evidence of your work.

Note that for Category II assignments, there are no space limits, so the project you choose to complete is up to you. If you start something and decide you don't like it, simply complete another option. We recommend choosing assignments that may help you with other projects or assignments required for this or other classes you may be enrolled in. Or even something that might help you as part of your student teaching (if you are currently in the classroom.)

Submitting Assignments

Assignment products—reflections, papers, projects, etc. will be submitted directly to your SCED475 instructor, either via Beachboard, email, or as a hard copy. Be sure to check with your instructor as to how he/she would like those materials.

Assignment Due Dates

Each instructor will determine when these products are due. However, for Category I choices, note that once sessions are past, you can't go back and make them up. You'll need to be sure that you can participate in at least two of those sessions—don't wait to do them all that first week in December (especially since there may not be many to choose then.)


Many of the events will require you to sign in when you arrive (this is true of all field trip sessions, for example); these sign-in sheets are sent back to CSULB and your instructors so they can monitor your progress. We understand that things happen, and that you may find yourself unable to attend a particular scheduled meeting. If you sign up for an event, and then discover you can't go, please remove your name from the list so that other students may be able to sign up and take your vacated spot. If your cancellation is last-minute, that's OK (again, we know that things happen!) If you do miss one of your scheduled events, please note that you are STILL RESPONSIBLE for signing up for a new event to meet your quota for the class.

Other Suggestions

  • Many sessions are available on weekends, as well as weeknights. We also try to find sessions available at a variety of locations, some near campus, some in other parts of Los Angeles and Orange counties.
  • Don't wait until the last minute to sign up for the community events and site visits—events scheduled at the end of the semester tend to fill up (due to people waiting until the last minute to sign up.) Take a look at your calendar and lock in your dates early. That way, if something happens and you have to cancel, you can still try to get into another event.