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Alternative Assignment


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Office: HSCI-202
Phone: (562) 985-4801

TA Workshop Links


Submit your completed assignment via email to, subject: "TA Workshop"
Due: The first day of finals week

This assignment is designed for students who were unable to attend a scheduled workshop meeting during the semester. Successful completion of this assignment will make-up for one (and only one) absence.

Effective teaching requires continuous improvement. Fortunately, a great number of resources are available to assist us in our efforts to improve as teaching professionals. Several internet-based science and math teaching resources geared to post-secondary teaching are linked to our TA website. For this assignment select and review two of these resources.

Please complete the following for this assignment:

  1. Peruse through our collected resources on the TA website
  2. Find any two sites that interest you and review them using the following questions as your guide:
    • Why is this site of interest to you?
    • What is the main purpose of this site; what kind of information does it have to offer?
    • What have you found on this site that is interesting and important for your future teaching?

Write a short critique of each site. Please make sure your critiques include the following elements:

  • Website title and url (address) – especially important if you are discussing a part of the website that is many clicks away from the homepage. You needn't discuss the whole site, select a part of the site that interests you.
  • Major Theme/Topic of the selected part of the website
  • Discussion of how at least one of the ideas offered at the site might influence your future teaching – offer as much detail as possible.