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Assignment 2: Implementing a Chosen Teaching Technique


Bill Straits (
Office: HSCI-202
Phone: (562) 985-4801

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Submit your completed assignment during 3rd workshop meeting.
Please note that this assignment must be started three weeks prior to the due date.

Read the MacLean article titled Making Connections. Select any one of MacLean's ideas from her descriptions of what she feels makes her teaching "work" or choose another related idea that you have heard or read about elsewhere (perhaps one of the other readings on this site in the left margin). You may want to check out the excellent B. McAllister reading on keeping students engaged. During your planning for your next 2 weeks of teaching, plan to incorporate your selected idea, strategy, or technique into your teaching. Keep track (mental or physical note) of what you plan to do, what you actually do in class, and the results of your attempts at incorporating the technique(s). No matter what happens on your first attempt, try using this technique at least two or three times before abandoning it.

Following at least two attempts at implementing the new teaching strategy or technique in your classroom/lab, please write a brief report offering:

  1. Your chosen strategy
  2. Why you chose this strategy/technique
  3. Your challenges implementing your chosen strategy over time
  4. The feelings you are left with now after your trials using a new teaching technique

Please organize your writing to reflect these four, by using the following headings: Strategy, Rationale, Challenges, and Reflection. This assignment is to be completed during the next few weeks. Think Simple!

P.S. Take a look at Colleagues' Successes for some comments from previous years.