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California State University, Long Beach
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CNSM TA Professional Development Workshop


Bill Straits (
Office: HSCI-202
Phone: (562) 985-4801

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Workshop Goals

  • Introduce you to some current research in learning and teaching
  • Show you how to apply this research to classroom instruction
  • Connect you with sources of help and support
  • Provide you with opportunities to self-reflect and critique your own teaching
  • Help you develop the skills necessary for a successful experience as a teaching assistant in your department.

Fall 2017 Schedule

Workshop meetings 1-4 are required. Meetings 2-4 have alternate dates to fit your schedule. For example, for meeting #2, you can attend either September 19 or September 22.

Meeting # Day Time Room
1 August 24 12:00-4:00pm HSCI-281
2 September 19 6:45-8:30pm HSCI-107
2 (alt.) September 22 12:00-1:45pm HSCI-281
3 October 17 6:45-8:30pm HSCI-107
3 (alt.) October 27 12:00-1:45pm HSCI-281
4 November 14 6:45-8:30pm HSCI-107
4 (alt.) November (TBD) 12:00-1:45pm HSCI-281