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California State University, Long Beach
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The Kettering Experience

A Lesson Study Approach to Teaching Elementary Science

SCED 475 Inquiry-based, Elementary Science Lesson Assignment
at Kettering Elementary School

About the sixth or seventh week of each semester the daytime SCED 475 students visit a classroom at Kettering Elementary School (LBUSD). During their visit they interact with and teach elementary students (in groups of three-five students). During this time they implement an inquiry-based science lesson. The students will then reflect on the lesson taught and make modifications to it. Later in the semester they return to Kettering Elementary. They then have the opportunity to re-teach their revised lesson to a different group of students. Again they reflect on the lesson taught and make note of improvements to a written assessment. This process also consists of four related lesson study assignments.

Assignment I
Design and implementation of an inquiry-based science lesson

Students are required to develop a report which describes a lesson plan and provides information related to the lesson. The lesson plan must use the 5E learning cycle format and must be developed to teach specific objectives from the California Science Content Standards (These standards will be provided in mid-Sept by the classroom teachers at Kettering Elementary that we will be collaborating with). The lesson plans must include engaging, hands-on, inquiry activities.

Assignment II
Reflecting on the initial teaching experience

Effective teachers are reflective practitioners – they study their own practice, thinking back on their teaching and learning from their mistakes as well as their successes. We believe instilling this professional practice in prospective teachers is one of the best means for encouraging their future success. A list of prompting questions is will be provided. Please note that it is the 475 student's ability to articulate and critically reflect on the teaching experience, including their interpretation of student work that is being evaluated in this part of the assignment.

Assignment III
Redesign and implementation of an inquiry-based science lesson

Here students add text to (in a different font) and delete text from (strikethrough) their original lesson developed in assignment one. The instructor wants to see the changes, so the original version must serve as the starting point. The format used in assignment one will be used again here. Additionally, student rationale for these changes must be explained. This explanation should be consistent with evidence from student work, which should be included, as well as the comments in the previous reflection assignment. In a separate document students will describe the reasons that prompted these changes.

Assignment IV
Reflecting on this entire teaching experience

At the conclusion of this teaching experience, the instructor would like the 475 student to reflect on the entire process of planning, implementing, reflecting, altering, and re-teaching a lesson. In order to allow them to more accurately represent this unique experience, this reflection is much more open-ended than the second assignment. Once again general prompts are provided.