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California State University, Long Beach
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Visiting Scholar – Yilmaz Kara

by Alan Colburn

Yilmaz Kara

The Science Education Department was proud to welcome Yilmaz Kara last year. Yilmaz was a visiting scholar from Turkey who spent a year with us. His research took him to local classrooms where he observed and interviewed M.S. alumni and current students teaching hands-on, learning cycle based lessons. Beside the research, Yilmaz sat in on graduate classes, presented a seminar for grad students and faculty--where we got to learn about the Turkish educational system--and attended the annual meeting of the California Science Teachers Association in San Jose. This was his first large, K-12 focused science teacher convention, and I know he loved every minute of the experience. He even wrote about it for an article published by CSTA. We bid him a fond farewell last May as he returned to Turkey, with he and us both enriched by the experience.