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California State University, Long Beach
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Featured Faculty Member: Dr. William Straits

Bill Straits

Throughout my career, my teaching and research interests have been varied, including emphases in both post-secondary and elementary science instruction. I have had particular interest in the intersections of language and science, with focus on the development and research of teaching strategies that integrate English Language Development and/or English Language Arts with Science instruction at the elementary level. As I enter the middle of my career, I have taken the opportunity to explore a field new to me – early childhood science education. Although I am still active in elementary science education and elementary science teacher education, I now serve as the Director of CSULB's National Center for Science in Early Childhood and its Head Start on Science project. In this capacity I work to develop and better understand curricula, resources, and professional development opportunities for preschool teachers interested in providing rich science experiences for their children.

Across all of my work, I am guided by feminist, critical, and constructivist pedagogies.