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The STAR Seminar series is aimed at our graduate students, faculty and area teachers, and speakers will include CSULB faculty and other experts in the field of science education.


The Association of Future Science Educators (AFSE) is sponsored by the Science Education Department to support future K-12 science teachers with programs that include "how to" workshops regarding job interviews, field trips, and content based inquiry learning techniques. AFSE is a student chapter of the National Science Teachers Association and the California Science Teachers Association. Please

Spring 2016

AFSE - Feb. 24 - "Something Fishy in the Classroom" Join Educators from Cabrillo Marine Aquarium as they introduce engaging, marine-science related activities for elementary and middle school students. Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm. Location: PH1-135


AFSE - Mar. 8 - "Biodiversity Presentation" Join Dr. Lesley Farmer, CSULB professor and coordinator for the Librarianship program, with a presentation on Biodiversity. Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm. Location: PH1-135


"Physics Make & Teach" Demo-day - Mar. 10 - Hosted by PhysTEC. Time: 4:30pm-5:30pm. Location: HSCI-280.


5th annual Latino Health Equity Conference - Mar. 15 - This conference aims to raise awareness and engagement in health equity research focused on Latinos - our nation's largest and fastest-growing minority population. It also provides a unique opportunity for interested students, community members, and professionals to collaborate with national thought leaders.


AFSE - Mar. 21 - "Crime Scene Curriculum" Using the science behind crime scene investigation, lab procedures and techniques from real forensics labs will be explored and linked to basic science concepts. Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm. Location: HSCI-281


AFSE - Apr. 26 - "Physical Science Round-Robin" Participate in a couple of different physical science workshops presented by Science Education Master’s Students. These hands-on lessons will help you understand physical science topics in the Next Generation Science Standards. Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm. Location: HSCI-281



  • AFSE - Feb 23 "Something Fishy in the Classroom" - Join educators from Cabrillo Marine Aquarium as they introduce engaging, marine-science related activities from the elementary and middle school classroom. Presented by Jim De Pompei.

  • AFSE - March 17 “Hands-on Human Ecology Activities for the Next Generation” Join Population Education Fellow, Isabelle Rios, as she guides you through activities such as: simulations, cooperative learning activities, quizzes, debate, and problem-solving challenges for the K-12 classroom. Participants will receive a CD-ROM of classroom resources including: activity lesson plans, answer keys, data sheets, background readings and more.

  • AFSE - April 8, "NASA: We're with You When you Fly (and when you teach!)" - Join Sarah Marcotte of the JPL Mars Public Engagement team as she flies you through the NASA universe of classroom curricula, visualizations, real time data and hands-on, minds-on activities that will engage, educate and inspire your students. You will receive free NASA resources for your classroom and learn how to use some of the interactive online tools to bring your lessons to life!  

  • AFSE - April 23rd, "Crime Scene Curriculum"
    Use hands-on lab procedures and techniques from real forensics labs as Ward's Scientific facilitator, Sandy Antalis, guides your exploration of the science behind crime scene investigations. Geared toward upper elementary through high school classes. Presented by Sandy Antalis from Ward's Scientific.

  • AFSE - Sept. 17, 2014 - " Engaging science lessons for the K-8 Classroom" The Young Scientists Camp Staff will share exciting and effective science lessons taught during the 2014 summer science camp programs. Location: PH 2 Room # 223

  • AFSE - Oct 28, 2014 - "The Chemistry of the Common Core and NGSS" - Presented by Margaret Ostler (FOSS). This workshop is designed to provide direct experience in a science investigation while building literacy skills in speaking, listening, expository writing with science notebooks and reading with informational texts.

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