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California State University, Long Beach
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CSULB faculty and student researchers with relevant research projects are all eligible to use the confocal system. All users must go through training (see below). Outside users may also be permitted to use the microscope if scheduling permits.

All confocal users must be trained on our system before being permitted to use it on their own. Please contact Bruno Pernet to set up a training session. Training involves several steps:
1) all student users must attend a lecture on the basics of confocal microscopy (~1 hr)
2) all users (faculty and students) must have a one-on-one training on our machine (basically walk through the user's guide, in pdf format) (~3 hr)
3) all users (faculty and students) must pass a proficiency test (~2 hr) during which they successfully carry out all of the procedures in the user's guide.

Authorized users may schedule the confocal in three hour blocks of time. Users may reserve only one three hour block a day ahead of time, but if blocks of time remain open on the day of use, they can schedule and use those blocks. Users with special requirements for longer blocks of time (e.g., large number of samples, live cell/organism observations) can contact Bruno Pernet for permission. The scheduler is online, and can be accessed with the "Schedule Confocal Use" button on the left navigation bar.

Use of the confocal and associated workstation are currently free to CSULB users. Non-CSULB users will be charged an hourly fee for use of the confocal. Please contact Bruno Pernet for more information.

If using data generated with this facility in a talk, please acknowledge the National Science Foundation for support in acquiring the system, and the Department of Biological Sciences and College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at CSULB for additional support. In a poster, thesis or paper, please include a statement like the following in your acknowledgements: Confocal microscopy was supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation (DBI0722757), with additional support from the Department of Biological Sciences and College of Natural Science and Mathematics at CSU Long Beach.
Also, please let Bruno Pernet know of any presentations or publications that include data from the confocal!