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California State University, Long Beach
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Confocal Microscopy Tutorials/Information
Olympus Fluoview Resource Center.
Confocal ListServ archives.

Fluorescence Spectral Data/Explorers
Texas A&M Microscopy Center's list of fluorochromes well-suited to their Fluoview 1000 (it has nearly the same lasers as we do). Also provides some information on mounting media.
Olympus Fluorochrome Selection Table.
Boswell/McNamara Fluorescence Spectral Explorer.
BD Biosciences Fluorescence Spectral Viewer.

Image Processing/Analysis: Software
Olympus Confocal Image Viewer. A free program (Windows XP required) that will open Olympus proprietary file formats (e.g., .oib), and allows you to save them in other formats. You need our serial #, which is on the whiteboard in the confocal room.
ImageJ. Any platform. This is an extremely useful free program capable of many things, including (with the appropriate plugins) opening Olympus .oib /.oif files. It can do many image processing and analysis functions, as well. A version with a collection of microscopy-related plugins is available from the McMaster University Biophotonics Facility site.
List of commercial and free software. List maintained by an Italian group.

Image Processing/Analysis: Protocols and Guidelines
Advice on pseudocoloring images.
Primer on quantitative colocalization analyses, from the Olympus Fluoview Resource Center. A variety of software packages, including the Fluoview software, can do these calculations.
Ethical issues in image processing. This site provides some general guidelines, and links to other articles on this topic. A second site, at the University of Alabama Birmingham, has more extensive descriptions of the same guidelines and potential problems. A search of the confocal listserv archives also reveals lots of discussion on this topic.