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California State University, Long Beach
Biological Sciences

Diatom Collection

diatom specimen diatom specimen diatom specimen

Collections Manager:
Suellen Jacob

The freshwater diatom collection has specimens collected from a variety of habitats including streams from Southern California and Southern Alaska, and lakes and fens from Iowa. The majority of the specimens were collected as part of the CSULB Stream Ecology and Assessment Laboratory (SEAL) bioassessment efforts funded through the California State Water Boards and the Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program. Aquatic Bioassay Consulting, Ventura, California, also provided material for processing. Most of the specimens were collected from the Santa Ana and San Jacinto watersheds. Most specimens are at the genus level and many have been identified to species.

Loan and Information Requests

Please contact the curator with any requests for specimen data, loans, or destructive sampling.

Specimens loaned for research should be acknowledged by catalog number in any subsequent publications, reports, presentations or GenBank submissions. Specimens may only be used for the purpose outlined in the original request and written permission must be obtained for any use outside of the original scope (including transfer of CSULB specimens to third parties). Specimens on loan should be returned to CSULB using the same packing containers and materials, shipping method, and insurance value unless other arrangements are made with the CSULB Collections Manager.