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California State University, Long Beach
Biological Sciences

Benthic Macroinvertebrate Collection

Dr. Dessie Underwood
Underwood Research Lab

Collections Manager:
Suellen Jacob
(864) 985-4883

The freshwater benthic macroinvertebrate collection has 545 lots, over 4100 specimens, in 151 families, 463 genera and 330 species all preserved in 70% ethanol and collected from 2006 to present. The majority of the specimens were collected as part of the CSULB Stream Ecology and Assessment Laboratory (SEAL) bioassessment efforts funded through the California State Water Boards and the Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program. Most of the specimens were collected from the Santa Ana and San Jacinto watersheds. All specimens have undergone external quality control by entomologists at the Aquatic Bioassay Laboratory in Chico, California. Most specimens are at the genus level and many have been identified to species. All taxonomy follows the Standard Taxonomic Effort of the Southwestern Association of Freshwater Invertebrate Taxonomists (SAFIT). A separately housed teaching collection is used for instruction in General Entomology.

Loan and Information Requests

Please contact the curator with any requests for specimen data, loans, or destructive sampling.