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California State University, Long Beach
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Our Story

It started with an idea ...

... the idea CSULB could make science learning a hands-on experience for students. With Frank Oppenhiemer's ground breaking, interactive science displays at the San Francisco Science Exploratorium as an example, CSULB physics professors R.D. Ayers and J.V. Hutcherson approached CSULB administration. In 1979, with the support of then CSULB president Stephen Horn, and college dean Roger Bauer, the CNSM Natural Sciences Museum opened in the basement of Peterson Hall 2, and in 1980, the university embarked on creating a unique outreach program with the Mobile Science Museum – a converted 27-foot mobile home to bring science to the schools.

... make science learning hands-on

The CNSM Natural Sciences Museum opened in 1979 and featured, among other things, moon rocks from one of the Apollo trips and Henrietta, a 15' 8" Burmese python who was a star attraction until she retired in the late nineties. Each display was designed to encourage touching, exploring, and questions. Today, the Science Learning Center has many displays housed in the Hall of Science Room 110.

... and take it to the schools

Since 1980 the CSULB Mobile Science Museum has served to supplement local schools' science instruction. The 27-foot converted mobile home carries over 40 exhibits that invite hands-on inquiry from both children and adults in astronomy, physics, chemistry, geology, biology, zoology, and marine biology.

Today, under the direction of the current director, Jim McKibben, the Science Learning Center and the Mobile Science Museum continue to serve the greater Long Beach community by continuing to develop an wide ranging array of hands-on science displays.

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