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California State University, Long Beach
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MSM: We Visit You

The Mobile Science Museum has over 40 exhibits ranging from Astronomy to Physics to Chemistry to Geology to Biology, Marine Biology, and Zoology.

What you need to know before we come:

The Details

  • The MSM is a 27-foot converted recreational vehicle.
  • The full set-up of the museum needs a space of approximately 40 feet by 20 feet. Several exhibit tables will be setup outside the MSM.
  • At least one conventional 110-volt outlet with grounded plugs is required.
  • We have 50-foot extension cords, so the MSM needs to be within 50 feet of the outlets.
  • The MSM needs an area large enough to maneuver in and the area should be as level as possible.

The Exhibits

  • Time required for set up and take down: 30 minutes each.
  • Duration of exhibit time: three to four hours due to the nature of some of the displays (e.g. live organisms, which we are committed to keeping alive).
  • Are almost entirely hands-on. We encourage people to try things for themselves.
  • Estimate 30 visitors per half hour. We have found that number allows everyone time to see all of the displays with the least amount of congestion.


We would appreciate it if the teachers or group leaders would send us a quick note with their impressions of the MSM visit including what they liked, did not like, or what can be improved.

msm van rotating platform exhibit ball roll