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California State University, Long Beach
CNSM Academic Advising Center


students being tutored

The University and the CNSM offer several tutoring options to assist students with their classes and coursework. Links to free tutoring programs sponsored by the SAS Center and other CSULB programs:

The SAS Center at times will have a list of private, for-hire, tutors. These tutors are not officially affiliated or sanctioned by the University or the SAS Center. For more information, contact the SAS Center directly.

SAS Center Peer Mentors' Top Tips for Midterm Success

Peer Mentors
  • Study early on in the semester. Don't cram.
  • Study individually first, then gather a study group together. It will be more productive overall.
  • Get tutoring early (at SAS Center or LAC). Don't wait until the day before!
  • Don't overload on caffeine. You don't want the crash later.
  • Nervous? Talk to your Mentor (or an Advisor).
  • Buy scantrons and bluebooks early so you are not scrambling to get them the day of the exam (if you are not sure what a Blue Book is, come see us!)

CNSM Faculty's Top Tips for Midterm Success

  • Keep up with the material presented in class. Get help promptly if you feel lost in the early class sessions most courses build knowledge sequentially and complexity increases as the semester progresses.
  • Go to your instructor's office hours 1 week prior to the exam (not minutes before). Go prepared to explain what you know and what you don't understand. Ask for additional reading/exercises/problems to help improve or test your understanding.
  • Try teaching the material to someone else. This is a good way to see how well you know it yourself.
  • After the midterm, see your instructor in person about questions you got wrong. Let the instructor know that you are there to find out how and why you went wrong so you can improve your understanding and do better next time.