Declaring a Pre-Major

This information is for pre-major and undeclared undergraduate students intending to declare CNSM pre-major. For information about changing your major, declaring a second major, or declaring a minor or certificate, see Change of Major (Undergraduates).

If you are a pre-major in CNSM and would like to switch out to another college, please contact that college's advising center.

Advising Centers by College
College Advising Center Link Majors In This College
College of the Arts (COTA) Advising Art, Art Education, Art History; Dance; Design including Interior Design, Industrial Design; Film & Electronic Arts; Music; Theatre Arts
College of Business (COB) Advising Accountancy; Finance; Information Systems; International Business; Management, Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management; Marketing
College of Education (CEd) Advising Liberal Studies
College of Engineering (COE) Advising Aerospace Engineering; Biomedical Engineering; Chemical Engineering; Civil Engineering; Computer Engineering; Computer Science; Construction Engineering Management; Electrical Engineering; Electronics Engineering Technology; Computer Engineering Technology; Mechanical Engineering
College of Health and Humans Services (CHHS) Advising Criminology, Criminal Justice, Emergency Management; Family Consumer Sciences including Dietetics, Food Administration, Child Development, Family Studies, Consumer Affairs, Family Life Education, Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, Hospitality Management; Health Care Administration; Health Science; Kinesiology including Athletic Training, Exercise Science, Fitness, Physical Education-Teacher Education, Sport Psychology, Leadership; Nursing; Recreation, Recreation Therapy; Social Work; Speech-Language Pathology
College of Liberal Arts (CLA) Advising Africana Studies; American Sign Language, Deaf Cultures; American Studies; Anthropology; Asian American Studies; Asian Studies; Business Economics; Chicano & Latino Studies; Chinese; Classics; Communication Studies; Comparative World Literature; Economics; English; Environmental Science & Policy; French; Geography; German; Greek; History; Human Development; International Studies; Italian Studies; Japanese; Jewish Studies; Journalism; Latin; Linguistics; Philosophy; Political Science; Psychology; Public Relations; Religious Studies; Sociology; Spanish; Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages; Translation Studies; Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies
University Center for Undergraduate Advising (UCUA) For students exploring multiple majors, or working toward eligibility for their intended pre-major.

At the time of admission to the university, each undergraduate student is assigned to a pre-major or major or is designated as an undeclared major. All undergraduate students must have a declared major by the time they earn 60 units.

How to Switch Your Pre-Major

First-time freshmen (FTF) admitted as undeclared (UNDCL) or admitted to a different college may switch their pre-major to one of the pre-majors offered in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (CNSM).

FFT Major Switching Criteria
Major During the 1st Semester During the 2nd Semester During the 3rd Semester
Applicable to all departments enrollment in MATH 119A or MATH 122, or credit in MATH 122 2.5 GPA in STEM MSR suite 2.5 GPA in STEM MSR suite
(all options)
enrollment in CHEM 111A or above enrollment in CHEM 111A or above

enrollment in MATH 119A or above
credit in MATH 119A or above

enrollment in CHEM 111B
(all options)
enrollment in CHEM 111A or above enrollment in CHEM 111A or above

enrollment or credit in MATH 122
grade of "B" in CHEM 111A or above, enrollment in CHEM 111B

credit in MATH 122 or above, enrollment in MATH 123, or enrollment or credit in MATH 224
Earth Science/
Geology B.S.
enrollment in CHEM 111A or above enrollment or credit in CHEM 111A or above

enrollment or credit in MATH 122

enrollment in GEOL 102/4
enrollment or credit in CHEM 111B

credit in MATH 122 or above, enrollment in MATH 123 or credit in MATH 123
Mathematics B.S.
(all options)
enrollment in MATH 122 or above enrollment in MATH 123 or above credit in MATH 122 and 123
(all options)
enrollment in MATH 122 or above credit in MATH 122 or above credit in MATH 123 or above

enrollment in PHYS 151

NOTE: All courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or better; must have a GPA >2.5; as an advising guideline, we recommend that most MSRs be completed with a "B" or better. While the grade of "C" is acceptable in each course, students earning B's or better have a significantly higher chance of success in upper division science and mathematics courses.

If you meet the pre-major declaration criteria outlined above and wish to switch your pre-major to CNSM please email and include the following information:

  1. your name
  2. student ID
  3. current pre-major
  4. intended new pre-major

One out the CNSM Pre-Major Advisors will respond to your request within 72 hours.

If you do not meet pre-major declaration criteria outlined above please schedule an in-person appointment with an academic advisor assigned to your intended new pre-major who will discuss potential solutions customized to your academic situation and academic goals. See the Appointment Guide for how to schedule an appointment.


Academic Advisors appointments (30 minutes sessions) are prioritized for continuing students. Please see our Appointment Guide regarding on-campus advising appointments.

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Online: CNSM Advising Zoom Room, Zoom room ID: cnsmadvising

On-campus: Hall of Science (HSCI) - Room 164

Students will be seen on a first-come, first-served basis by a limited number of advisors. Availability is subject to change: see Announcements on CNSM Advising.

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Please include your student ID number in all email correspondence.