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California State University, Long Beach
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Mission Statement

The mission of the administration, faculty, and staff of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics is to:

  • provide high quality instruction in science, mathematics, by faculty for whom excellent teaching is a high priority, and who produce ideas and innovations which continually improve teaching and learning;
  • conduct original research that creates new knowledge, and to publish and present scholarly and creative works that advance the fields of science, mathematics, and education in science and mathematics;
  • provide opportunities and support for faculty to conduct original research;
  • provide opportunities for students to participate in research projects with faculty who consider continuing scholarly activity a responsibility both to their students and to their discipline;
  • provide good learning environments and well-equipped laboratories, ready access to faculty and department advisors, and a schedule of classes designed to ensure a bachelor's degree in four years for entering qualified students who take a full course load and maintain good academic standing;
  • provide classes for the general education student and non-science major that offer the substance of science and mathematics in a manner which results in graduates who can understand and appreciate the linkage between science, mathematics, and the modern world;
  • provide bachelor degree programs that result in graduates ready to pursue careers in their field, further graduate or professional studies, or enter the teaching profession;
  • provide master's degree programs that prepare students for job advancement, entry into new job opportunities, pursuit of the Ph.D. Degree, or teaching opportunities in schools and colleges;
  • seek external funding from public and private sources in support of our mission, providing supplements to State of California financial support;
  • provide an atmosphere and environment that encourages and supports collegial interaction among members of the campus community and that fosters learning, personal growth, and intellectual achievement.