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California State University, Long Beach
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Name Title Department Phone Email
Abbot, Carson Student Housing and Res Life
Abernathy, Maverick student
Agama, Susana   Criminal Justice & Criminology 562-650-6083
Agtarap, Susana
Aguirre-Pineda, Nancy   Recreation and Leisure Studies 5-4701
Alannouf, Angela Student CSULB Women's Gender and Sexuality 562-760-7260
Alcivar-McCoy, Pilar   Rec & Leisure Studies 562-682-6387
Aleiss, Angela Lecturer Regular- Acadmic Year Information Systems 5-3788
Alderete Gonzalez, Daniel Yoav Student College of Liberal Arts/ Human Development 562-682-9471
Alexander-Bauer, Shawn Administrative Support Assistant Health Science 5-4057
Alexander III, Willie L     559-360-7040
Allen, Jeremiah Student English
Allen, Tevin   Parkside/ Housing & Res. 562-479-6729
Alvarez, Andy Staff Human Resources Analyst Staff Human Resources 5-8259
Alvarez, Lizette   University Honors Program 5-2426
Anderson, Mercedes

Admissions Admin Coordinator

Social Work 5-4615
Ang, Alexa   ASI/ CNSM 310-913-6585
Anthony, Chris Theater Management Coordinator Theater Arts 5-7470
Anthony, Karyl Administrative Support Assistant COE/CECS 5-4285

Antoniewicz, Hayli Student Women, Gender, and Sexuality Department 858-220-8553
Apel, Scott Associate Vice President Human Resources Management 5-8716
Araujo, Rebecca "Beckie" Financial Aid Counselor ES Fin Aid/ Admin Support 5-8406
Argame, Matthew   CBA/ Accounting 714-553-1813
Argent, Stephanie Student CLA
Arnold, Cody   STARS/SOAR 5-1173
Arreygue, Aimee Co- Director, Sas Center Jenson SAS Center 5-4682
Arroyo, Gavin   Athletics 562-305-1160
Augustavo, Michelle   Athletics 5-1441
Avella, Jesse Employee Training & Safety Coordinator ASI-HR 5-8084
Ayala, Brandon   ASI Beach Pride Events 562-985-2585
Bacchus, Robn Student Housing & Res Life 661-586-4573
Baghdadi, Mitra Department Coordinator Anthropology 5-5171
Baghdassarian, Nayiri ASI vice-president USU 5-5241
Balayan, Xan   CSULB/ASI/College of Engineering   xanmikhailyakov.balayan@student
Bange, Christopher
TA College of Theatre Arts
Banh, Diana   FEA/CSULB Housing 858-397-4417
Bank, Diana   FEA/CSULB Housing 585/397-4417
Bartick, Carly Student Marketing CBA 858-397-8544
Baugh, Stephanie   Athletics 5-8542
Bavarian, Niloofar   Health Science 5-7792
Anna Behar-Russell Director, Marketing, Comm & Outreach CCPE 562-985-2885
Bendersky, Marina   Long Beach CHHS/ FCS 5-4485  
Benli, Omer Associate Dean for Administration CBA 5-7697
Bennett, Deanna Executive Assist to the Provost Academic Affairs, Vice President 5-4129
Benson, Travis Club Sports & Rec Coordinator Student Life & Development 5-2570
Bernardino, Aileen   Study Abroad @ the Beach 5-4845

Billings, Alexandra

  Theatre (773) 718-1491
Bisorca, Vikki Lecturer Regular- Academic Year Health Science 5-8083
Bledsoe, Liza Academic Success Program Coordinator COE Administration 5-2498
Bloem, Lakysha student USU Beach Pride Events 5-2535
Bobadilla, Lizett   CNSM 5-4334
Boche, Christian Student CHHS
Bogarin Jr, Fernando Student Liberal Arts/ Geography 562-448-4917
Bolin, Jonathan Student ASI 5-5241
Book, Sean   Theater Arts 5-4500
Borwell, Allison   Department of Health Science
Bostic, Terie Administrative Services Manager College of Liberal Arts 5-5386
Boyd-Batstone, Paul Chair / Professor College of Education 5-1012
Black, Margaret   COTA 5-7885
Boykins, Branson   CAPS 5-4001
Bradecich, Abby Faculty CAPS 5-4001
Bradley, Georgette Calswec Administrative Assistant Social Work 5-7087
Breganze, Don Derick   CHHS 562-761-0504
Bremer, Carolyn Department Chair Cole Conservatory of Music 5-5895
Brewer, Margaret Lecturer Rec & Leisure Studies (562) 708-8054
Brito, Amber     949-212-2416
Brocato, Jo Assistant Professor Social Work 5-2105
Brooks, Jessica   Women's Water Polo
Brooks, Ronda Dynice   Theater Arts-Cota 5-4045
Brown, Christopher University Police Officer University Police Department 5-4101
Bryan, Eric Recycling Specialist ASI 562-304-3705
Bryson, Caitlin   Theater Arts 5-4500
Buchanan, Sarah Admin. Academic Support Assistant   5-2687
Buhler Scott, Taylor Activities Coordinator ASI 5-8590
Burke, Alex student usu
Butler, Doug Administrative Services Manager CHHS 5-2333
Butt, Laura Department Secretary ASI Government 5-5241
Butz, Adam M.   CHHS/ Graduate Center 5-4178
Cabrera, Matt Coordinator Student Life & Development 5-4966
Cachola, Divine   Health and Human Services
Caires, Keith Sergeant Calvillo University Police Department Pending
Calvillo, Jessica Student Liberal Arts/ Sociology    
Campbell, Mike   Athletics 5-7352
Candelario, Lizbeth   Disabled Student Services 5-4025
Carabes, Charline Department Coordinator Educational Leadership 5-4378
Carey, Brian Coordinator Disabled Student Services 5-5719
Carreon, Christine Student Cal State University Long Beach 626-696-6302
Carter, Abigail Employee Relations Advisor Staff Human Resources 5-8231
Carter, Ashley Faculty AY Biological Sciences 5-4917
Casamitjana, Andrea Student FUM 562-826-3477  
Casillas, Christopher
Casillas, Fabian   ASI Communications Video Production 5-1976
Casillas, Wendy student ASI
Castor, Ignacio Sevis Coord/ Int'l Student Advisor Center For International Education 5-4107
Castrejon, Lorena Student Recreation Therapy 562-334-0258
Castro, Pedro Administrative Coordinator COTA Administration 5-4364
Castro, Rene Sr Director, Academic Employee Relations

Academic Affairs, Vice President

Catota, Claudia Equity & Diversity Specialist Office of Equity and Diversity 5-8490
Ceballos, Denise   College of Education 5-4991
Chalmers, Parker   ASI/USU 5-5816
Chambers, Ruth Assistant Professor Social Work 5-5175
Chang, Jen-Mei Faculty Mathematics    
Dalia Chavarin Student
Chavez, Angelica   Health and Human Services 562-774-5925
Chavez, Stephanie   Beach Pride Center
Chavez, Jessica Academic Advisor CHHS
Chavez, Lucy Student Liberal Arts/Sociology 951-870-7430
Chavez, Rebecca J.   CHHS-MSW
Chavez, Stephanie   Beach Pride Center
Cherry, Hannah T.   College of Education 5-5876
Chick, Candice   Athletics 5-8542
Choengkarn, Christina   College of Business 562-618-3319
Choi, Shannon
Cholakian, Shannon CSULB Housing Gay Straight Alliance 661-212-2337

Anne Chua Title XI Investigator Student Affairs/ Title IX 5-2733
Cicero, Sylvana Interim Association Executive Director ASI 5-7868
Ciulik, John E.   CHHS/ HCA 5-2056
Clark, Kalien ASI Treasurer CBA 5-5241
Claver, Maria Assistant Professor Family & Consumer Sciences 5-4495
Clayton Joseph, Kurcel   Housing and Residential Life 5-4187
Colarita, Christopher Student   310-867-5192
Collantas, Kimberly
Conlan, Courtney Student
Conley, Joanie Lecturer Rec & Leisure Studies 5-4068

Contreras, Maribel   Social Work 323-919-7697
Cooper, Hannah Assistant Program Coordinator Veteran Affairs 5-5115
Cooper, Xander   Long Beach State 619-957-7853
Costa, Tatiana Student CHHS
Con, Adam Jonathan   Music 5-7997
Crachiolo, Sarah   Liberal Arts/ Communication Studies
Crowe, Tom Assist Coord, Field Education Social Work 5-4647
Cruz, Sharon Dean's Assistant CHHS 5-4691
Cutler, Jake Student ASI
Dacanay, Gloria Department Coordinator Physical Therapy 5-4024
Dallara, Anais   Athletics 562-522-1701
Damon, Yvonne Operations Coordinator CCPE / American Language Institute 5-2417
Dance, Jaime Administrative Support Assistant Housing & Residential Life 5-4187

Dang, Thu Psychology Intern CAPS 5-4001
Davis, Ashley Assistant To The Associate Dean CCPE 5-8031
Davis, Dustin Student College of Liberal Arts/Environmental Science Policy
Day, Caela   CAPS
D'Eloia, Melissa Assistant Professor Rec & Leisure Studies 5-8075
Deckers, Cathy
Faculty Nursing
DeCollibus, Kellie Student Assistant ASI
De Haro, Nancy   College of Education/Liberal Studies 323-516-9788
De La Rosa, Nancy Advising Associate School of Art 5-8924
Deltgen, Ardel Admin Coord, Human Resources CHHS 5-8830
Dew, Durrell Department Coordinator Criminal Justice 5-8965
Diep, Irene   College of Engineering 626-679-8431
Dillard, Erika M.   Athletics 5-8739
Dinh, Peter Computer Technician COTA Administration 5-4409
Dinielli, Gene Professor English 5-4794
Dizon, Charline   College of Education/ Educational Leadership 5-4987
Dominguez, Jessica Administrative Coordinator Academic Technology Services 5-1836
Donaghue, Katlin   SRWC Beach Balance
Donelson, Sue Lecturer Health Science 5-4057
Dores, Sam     5-5531
Dorsheimer, Katy Psychology Intern CAPS 5-4001
Dowell, Dave Vice Provost Academic Affairs 5-4128
Duffis, Carole
Advisor CNSM
Duong, Jane   CAPS/ Project Ocean 5-4001
Dustin, Kanan Student WGSS 818-675-4451
Dyslin, Debbie   University Interfaith Center N/A
Eales, Laura     562-388-1478
Eckhous, Nancy Assistant VP Admin Systems & Outreach Student Affairs Div Support 5-8262
Edobor, Latifah   College of Liberal Arts/ Beac Pride Center 5-2535
Edrington, Marie   Athletics 5-5661
Edwards, Whitney Student Assistant Athletic Event Operations 5-7978
Elalami, Heba     805-791-5710
Elasmar, Yasmin Student ASI Office 562-303-4786
Engberg, Kathleen Admin Support Coord/Dir Asst Nursing 5-8241
Esmeralda, Dennis   College of Education 5-5876
Estanol, Nicole Student CSULB

Estrada, Andrea   Recreation and Leisure Studies 310-980-2960
Estrada, Vincent Student Liberal Arts/Communications 626-627-7178
Estrada-Zaragoza, Annel Academic Advisor University Center, Undergraduate Advising 5-2457
Estrada, Ariana   Recreation and Leisure Studies
Fabiszewski, Kristen   Student Health Services 5-7075
Fader A., Rachel   CAPS 530-220-4211
Falls, Kamani     310-707-5168
Farmer, Lesley Instructional Faculty AY Adv Styds in Educ & Counseling 5-4509
Fascia, Lisa Assistant to Associate Director Social Work 5-2108
Fellague Ariouat, Aziz   College of Liberal Arts 310-218-2226
Fish, Lisa Advisor CHHS
Fitzgerald, Anita Lecturer Nursing 5-8243
Flores, Enrique   BUILD Program
Flores, Marvin   Liberal Arts 714-574-4369
Flynn, John   ASI Communications Video Productions 5-1976
Followell, Coleen Assistant to the President Office of the President 5-8202
Forbes, Candace   CLA COMM studies 5-4301
Forrest, Laura Associate Professor, Counseling CED/ASEC 562-985-1124
Foster, Mike Calswec Field Consultant Social Work 5-7025
Fowler, Farron   ASI/SRWC 985-8101
Freeman, Staci Administrative Assistant Nursing 5-2521
Fuentes-Mishica, Jeniffer Administrative Coordinator Dance 5-7071
Galindo, Veronica Classification & Compensation Specialist Staff Human Resources 5-8342
, Allison Student Associated Students 562-985-5241
Gallagher, Jack Student   857-498-1254

Gallegos-Flores, Brenda A. Assessment Office Coordinator College of Ed. Assessment
Gallyon, Nicholas   CSULB/CBA 818-825-9017
Garcia-Orozco, Antonia Assistant Professor CLA/ CHLS 5-2482
Garcia, Ashley   COTA 5-8434
Garcia, Ivan   Political Science
Garcia, Lizbeth Office Coordinator, Liberal Studies College of Education/ Liberal Studies 562-985-8187
Garcia, Lynard CHHS- Office Development   714-489-1297
Garcia, Matilda
Garcia, Sandy Student CSULB/Women's Studies 562-786-3041
Garcia, Stefanie   Social Work 5-5655
Garrido-Ortega, Claire Lecturer Health Science 5-4057
Gill, Kelli Asst Athletic Dir, Mkt & Fan Exp Athletics Marketing & Promo 5-5063
Gilligan, Heidi Program Coordinator Education 5-4998
Goh, Vivianna     310-961-7127
Goldpaint, Christina Health Educator Student Health Services 5-8252
Gonzalez, Ali X. Academic Advisor/Retention Coordinator College of Liberal Arts-ATLAS 619-851-4526
Gonzalez, Grace M.   CHHS- Child Development 714-351-5213
Gonzalez, Ilene   Disabled Student Services/ Autism Services 5-1675
Javier Gonzalez   Beach Pride 5-2535
Juan Gonzalez   SOAR 5-5515
Gordon, Brittney     510-307-6990
Grabow, Jimmy Undergraduate Advisor Center for Undergrad Advising 5-4759
Green, Judy Calswec Field Consultant Social Work 5-4315
Greene, Brandon   Crimonology 310-720-5819
Grenot-Scheyer, Marquita Dean College of Education 5-4513
Grimes, Liz Assistant Coach, Men & Women Water Polo Men's Water Polo 5-8279
Grutzik, Cynthia   CED 5-7973
Gucyski, Agatha Student CBA 562-985-8676
Gudelman, Zoraya Customer Service Ctr Supervisor CCPE 5-8459
Guerrero, Stephanie Student Art 424-251- 6456
Gularte, MaryAnne Vice President Human Resources at Cerritos College (562) 860-2451 X2281
Gurrola, Maria Assistant Professor Social Work 5-5658
Guthrie, Sharon Chairperson Kinesiology 5-7487
Gutierrez-Jarquin, Lorenzo Director of Undergraduate Advising College of the Arts
Guzman, Tammy Advisor College of International Education
Haberstroh, John Student ASI 562-985-1856
Hale, Morgan   Recreation and Leisure 562-756-0319
Hall, Nancy Assist Professor/Undergrad Advisor Linguistics 5-2656
Hamm, Deborah Lecturer Teacher Education 5-5525
Hancock, Kristina Administrative Support Coordinator COE Dean's Office 5-2330

Hannisdal, Linda Assoc Coord/Supplemental Instruction Learning Assistance Center 5-7359
Hardaway, Kaila- Marie   Beach Pride Events 5-5342
Hargreaves, Daniel Student Arts/Theater 760-409-3058
Hashima, Larry Lecturer Temp- Academic Year Asian/ Asian Amer Studies 5-4822
Hassani, Hillary Student Women's Gender, and Sexuality 562-985-8516
Hayes, Leanne Office Manager Mechanical & Aerospace Engineer 5-1563
Hayes, Rita   Club Sports and Rec 5-7351
Heitzhaus, Cat   Associated Students, Inc./ University Student Union 5-7871
Hendrickson, Tyler Assoc Dir, Media Relations Athletics Sports Info 5-7797
Henriksen, Hannah   Family and Consumer Sciences 661-978-9546
Hernandez, Andrea     310-713-6002
Hernandez, Elisa Psychology Intern CAPS 5-4001
Hernandez, Germain Admin Analyst CHHS 5-2579
Hernandez, Lissete   College of Liberal Arts
Hernandez, Oscar Asst Ath Dir, Fac/Oper/Event Athletics Facilities 5-5057
Herrera, Ellisse   Communication Studies 562-858-6561
Hierholzer, Brandon   Track
Hong, Eunice (YooSun)
Hotchkiss, Willhelmina "Mimi" Instructional Faculty AY CLA/English 5-4219
Lily House-Peters Tenure-Track Faculty CLA/ Geography 520-204-7822
Howze, Adriane
Advisor Theatre Arts
Hsien, Betina   College of Edcuation/ Teacher Education Dept 5-1986
Hull, Lauren   Health and Human Services 559-802-6332
Hunicutt, Julie
TA Theatre Arts
Hung, Pei-Fang   CHHS/ Speech- Language Pathology 5-4159
Ibarra, Jonathan   Beach Pride Events 5-2535

Ikemi, Robin Administrative Support Coordinator CECS 5-1592

Ingrassia, Mauricio   Athletics 5-1858
Iniguez, Janette Student CLA/CBA 323-742-2639
Inpanya, Josephine Student Anthropology
Inzunza-Franco, Gloria Academic Advisor Center for Undergrad Advising / College of Business 5-4202

Ionescu, Elena Lecturer Regular- Academic Year Family and Consumer Science- Gerontology Program 5-1582
Ireland, Connie Instructional Faculty Criminal Justice 5-8711
Isaza, Daniel   Recreation 323-627-3642
Jackson, Duan Ex Dir Univ Acad Adv & CA Prom Univ Ctr, Undergrad Advsg 5-1541
Jacques, David   COTA- Theater Arts 5-4044
James, Katherine KJ Professor/ Grad Coordinator Rec & Leisure Studies 5-8077
Jara, Amna Coordinator Student Activities at Cerritos College (562) 860-2451 X2475
Jenkins, Jay   ASI 5-5241
Jennings, Lisa Assistant Professor Social Work 5-8629
Jensen, Lauren Louise Psychologist CAPS 562-985-4001
Jersky, Brian Provost, SR VP, ACAD Affairs Office of the Provost 5-4129
Johnson, Lee Recycling Coordinator ASI 5-5461
Jost, John   USU Facility Maintenance 5-2494
Joyner, Jeffrey   Athletics 5-2528
Jolly, Chris Assistant Director Bickerstaff Center for SAAS 5-5440
Chelsea Jones Student Communication Studies 714-333-5234
Program Developer CCPE 5-8455
Juarez, Elizabeth Student   562-230-6601
Jurado, Hilda   ASI Government Office
Kaiser, Laura Student College of the Arts
Kalhar, Laurie Dept Coordinator College of Ed/ Teacher Ed 562-985-7613
Karappusamy, Aravind Student Mechanical & Aerospace Dept.
Kayser, Lance Faculty English Dept at Cerritos College (562) 860-2451 X2843

Kelly, Hilarie   WGSS & Anthropology
Kelly, Kimberly   Human Development 5-1385
Kent, Brandon   College of Education 714-747-0379
Kerns, Dana   Theater Arts/WGSS 904-856-8827
Kim, Chloe   College of Nursing/ASI Student Government Commissioner of Wellness Affairs
Kim, Jungeun Doctoral Intern CAPS 5-4001

Kimura, Noreen   COTA-Theater Arts
Kinsey, Ann Admin Support Coord II Communications Studies 5-1359
Kinsley, Karen
International Programs Coordinator CCPE/CIE
Kirk, Roger Assistant Athletic Direction, Media Rel Athletics Sports Info 5-7565
Kisiel, Jim        
Kitajima, Cheri Academic Employee Relations Coordinator Academic Affairs, Vice President 5-1742
Klaus, Evelyn Coordinator, Dream Success Ctr Dean of Students 562-985-5863
Klaus, Jeff Director Student Life & Development 5-8669
Kleen, Ashley ASI maintenance SRWC
Knoll, Keegan Strength and Conditioning Asst. Athletics 5-4347
Knight, Lindsey Student Liberal Arts 858-652-8867
Ko, Nancy Administrative Support Assistant Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 562-706-1007
Kojima, Takafumi Student School of Art    
Kreszyn, Kimberly   College of Education 714-625-7345
Kuhn, Amber Lrng Disabilty Assessment Assist Disabled Student Services 5-4430
Kuld, Kristian   Women's Volleyball
Labrador, Liz Special Assistant to the President Office of the President
Lai, Jason
Lam, Brian Associate Professor Social Work 5-4625
Cecilia H. Lam        
Land-Armstrong, Nigayla   Sociology 323-570-7872
Lane, Chris   Los Angeles Harbor College Life Skills Center 310-233-4075
Lanigan, Sean   University Interfaith Center N/A
Lazaro, Rosa   CHHS/Social Work 714-616-0430
Leave II, Jason Student
LeBank, Ezra   COTA/ Theater 5-4350
Lee, Brian Student CSULB/CBA 213-500-5031
Lee, Cheryl Professor Social Work 5-2268
Lee, Jennifer "Jayy"   Psychology 209-756-4069
Levyssohn, Nancy   CED Graduate Studies 5-8496
Lewis, Pamela A.   University Student Union 5-7576
Lewis, Wendy   ASI Student Government 5-5241
Alosina Lihang   College of Business/ I.T. 5-7576
Limon-Lara, Christina   ASI 5-2402
Lindau, Elizabeth Ann Instructional Faculty AY Music 518-522-1012
Lindsay-Clinton, Macey   Division of Student Affairs 5-7631
Lounsbery, Monica Dean CHHS 5-4691
Lopez, Claudia Maria   CLA/Sociology 408-775-2178
Lopez, Lupita     714-721-5484
Lopez, Xochitl
Asst. Director CIE
Lovato, Kristina Assistant Professor CHHS- Social Work 562-985-2108
Macavinta, Arlene Conference/Events Supervisor ASI 5-5205
Machan, Kim Lead Advisor Acad Advising & Resource Center 5-2693
Macalino, Kaila   Psychology
Macareno, Rebecca-Melissa Student CSULB/CLA 562-985-2535 rebeccamelissa.macare
Macdonald, Ian Student CNSM
Mack, Micky   School of Social Work
Madding, Carolyn Conway Department Chair Communicative Disorders 5-5283
Madrigal, Leilani Insructional Faculty AY Kinesiology
Magwali, Dom   Theater
Mahgerefteh, Rachel Support Services Coordinator Disabled Student Services 5-4635
Malinis, Bryan Lecturer Communications
Malotte, Kevin Director Center For Health Care Innovation 5-2177
Manimaran, Naveen Student Healthcare Administration Student Forum 408-910-6745
Mansfield, Megan   CAPS 917-440-4058
Maples, Tracy Bradley Professor and Graduate Advisor COE / CECS 5-1590

Mark, Ron Lecturer Criminal Justice
Marlow, Robert A.     805-302-8404
Martin, James J. Jr.
Evelyn C. Martinez   College of Education- Credential Center 5-4109
Martinez, Feliza   College of Education/ School Counseling
Martinez, Jesus (Kyle) Senator for CHHS   323-681-1849
Martinez, Jose S.   CBA Graduate Programs. CBA 363 5-4811
Masner, Cindy Deputy Athletics Director/ SWA Athletics 5-7976
Mastro, Lisa Instr Support Tech Biological Sciences 5-5319
Matanguihan, Leilani   RGRLL 5-4317
Matheson, Emily   Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies 562-472-4103
Matthews, Nancy Faculty Rec & Leisure Studies
Matza, Nathan Lecturer Health Science 5-8192
Mayberry, Amanda   Liberal Arts 562-456-6835
McClane, Courtney   Health Care Admin 714-877-4444
McEvoy, Tessa student Athletics 5-4660
McDuel, Lynisha Program Coordinator Veterans Affairs Services 5-5115
Richard "Trey" McEachin III Information Technology Specialist ASI SRWC 5-8199
McGlocklin, Natalie   CHHS 5-4066
Mcguthrie, Monica Administrative Support Assistant III Chemistry-Biochem 5-4127
McGuinness, Shannon   Business CSULB
Medina, Michael Student Math
Meidine, Rosa   Liberal Arts- Communication Studies
Mejia, Araceli Doctoral Intern CAPS 5-4001

Mejia, Melissa   ASI Student Gov. 5-5241
Menchaca, Matt Employee Relations Specialist Employee Relations 5-1742
Mendoza, Alejandro Representative University Police 5-4101
Mendoza, Janeth Admissions Counselor CCPE/ American Language Institute 562-391-3607
Melvin, Amber Student WGSS 916-390-3606
Mendoza, Vanessa student ASI 5-5264
Menser, Jennifer   CCPE 5-8026
Miles, Erin Equity- Diversity Investigator Office of Equity & Diversity 5-8490
Millar, Kenneth Dean CHHS 5-4691
Miller, Jennifer Pathway Initiative ASC Undergrad Stdys & Acad Adv 5-5992
Mitchell, Jackie Financial Mgmt Coordinator CCPE Finance 5-5435
Mitchell-Smith, Ilan Assistant Professor English

(562) 276-5868
Miyahara, Karen   CHHS/ Health Science 5-8069
Miyamori, Katy Student Psychology 510-334-2914
Miyoshi, Kimiko Instructional Faculty AY Art 5-4800
Mohtashem, Alexander Mehti Senator College of the Arts

Moise, Pierra Student CHHS
Molidor, Christian Director Social Work 5-7774
Montague, Jill Administrative Coordinator CHHS 5-1914
Montgomery, Michael   Biological Sciences 805-624-1022
Montoya, Oscar Manuel   History
Montoya, Rosalinda
Staff Office of the President
Moody, Beth Program Coordinator CCPE 5-7980
Leon, Jeimy Mora   Health and Human Services
Morelos, Eva Secretary for AB540 and undocumented students ASI

Moreno, Connie   Student Relations/ Scholarship Center 5-7769
Moucharrafie, Mona   College of Business Administration
Mullaney, Rob Corporal / Investigations & Christian Minister University Police Department 5-4101
Mund, Laura Chelsie Student CHHS/CDFS 951-743-2390
Munoz-Duran, Sonia Esl Support Asst Coordinator Learning Assistance Center 5-5686
Munoz-Perez, Magdalena Administrative Support Coordinator Geography 5-4977

Murphy, CJ Instructional Faculty AY Sociology 5-5650
Murray, Ashley   Kinesiology-Sports Psych. 310-910-3139
Murray, Will Assoc Professor/Undergraduate Advisor Mathematics 5-5339
Musick, Dustin Program Coordinator CCPE Academic Programs 5-5837
Muster, Kirsten Lecturer Social Work (714) 345-3517
Nagai, Chikako Assistant Professor Social Work 5-8699
Nakajima, Mimi Assistant Professor Kinesiology 5-8011
Nakano, Ana Student Assistant Disabled Student Services 5-4430
Nazarian-Peters, Anna Associate Director Student Life and Development 5-8528
Ngo, Josh   SWRC
Ngo, Simon Parking Officer University Police Department

Ngo, Tu Academic Advisor College of Education 5-1800
Nguyen, David Student Nursing
Nguyen, Elizabeth
Nguyen, Lisa   Beach Balance 5-0763
Nguyen, Nancy Student Hospitality 714-722-9097
Nguyen-Rodriguez, Selena
Faculty CHHS
Lena Njoku Health Prof Advising Coordinator Jersen SAS Center 5-8061
NTP, Jax Student English 5-1824
Oberly, Giselle CBA MS Programs Advising Coordinator CBA Graduate Programs Office 5-7988
Ocampo, Dana Marie   College of Education/EDLD 310-748-5403
O'Dell, Meghan Copy Writer & Online Content Spec CCPE 5-2894
O'Gorman, Hugh   COTA/ Theater 5-4043
Olivares, David Parking Officer University Police Department 5-4101
Olmeda, Bryana
Olsen-Cooper, Lane Assistant to the Dean CNSM 5-1521
Opland, Rick Faculty Human Resources Management 5-5664

Orozco, Cynthia Mari Sr. Assistant Librarian University Library 5-2332
Ortiz, Oscar Student Political Science 562-661-7276
Osuna, Steven Instructional Faculty AY Sociology 5-4604
O'Toole, Corrie FSAP Specialist Faculty & Staff Assistance Program 5-1179
Debi Paddock   ASI 562-985-0752
Paige, Shayla   Communication Studies 310-343-2920
Palacios, Tracy Coordinator CCPE Academic Programs 5-1702
Paley, Sky TA Theatre Arts
Palka, Shannon   Chancellor's Office
Palkki, Joshua   COTA/BOB Cole COnservatory of Music 202-679-3350
Palma, Lindsey
Pantoja, David A.   ASI/ USU 5-5204
Parker- Jeannette, Cyrus   COTA 5-4364
Parsons, Sue Director Teacher TRAC at Cerritos College (562) 860-2451 X2671
Pascal, Greg Communications Supervisor University Police Department 5-5604
Pavri, Shireen Associate Dean College of Education 5-5646

Pedrahita, Michael     310-561-7815
Pelikan, Lisa
TA Theatre Arts
Perkins, Jared   CLA/ Political Science 562-985-4708
Perrone, Dina Assistant Professor Criminal Justice (562) 985-8465
Pestner, Quentin   ASI Senate
Petrus, Alexandra   College of the Arts
Peyer, Stacey Calswec Field Consultant Social Work 5-7027
Philipp, Carol Adminstrative Assistant Geography 5-8432

Phillips, Joseph Student ASI Government 5-5241
Piedad, Karyn   Student-CHHS SRWC Inclusive Rec
Pillai, Shanti   Theater Arts
Piloyan, Tanya Jeni Academic Advisor College of Health and Human Services
Pogue, Matthew Music Dept Technology Cole Conservatory of Music 5-7107
Pola, Selene     714-483-1767
Polk, Leyla   Recreation and Leisure Studies
Porter, Diandra Academic Advisor University Center For Undergrad Advising 5-7959
Portnoi, Laura
Associate Dean College of Education 5-7047
Porto, Jennifer   DSS 5-5426
Potter, Julie   Kbeach Radio 5-1624
Pourabedi, Maggie   ASI/USU 5-1976
Powers, Kristin Instructional Faculty AY College of Education/ ASEC 5-1121
Powers-Lundvall, Michelle Full-Time Lecturer/ Field Serv Coordinator Comunicative Disorders 5-1494
Preece-Whitson, Marvel Assistant to the Dean College of Education 5-4513
Quan-Neang, Shirley Technology Help Desk Supervisor Academic Technology Services 5-5920
Querido, Yvonne Rose
Quinn, Emily Administrative Support Assistant CLA-ATLAS 57804
Quiroz, Cristian   USU
Rae-Espinoza, Heather Associate Professor Human Development 5-4209

Ramirez, Eduardo   Criminal Justice 626-664-3898
Ramirez, Jesse Associate Director STARS / SOAR 5-1846
Ramirez, Michelle
Coordinator of Admissions Physical Therapy
Ramos, Christina   Theater Arts 5-4500
Ramos, Lizette Student
Raisdanai, Ali Police Officer University Police Department 5-4101
Rangel, Mimi     909-240-0140
Rannalli, Debby Instructional Faculty AY Nursing 5-1804
Ransom, Brittany
Faculty School of Art
Ravenwood, Andrea Program Coordinator CCPE Professional Programs 5-4599
Riley, Shelby C   Teacher Ed. CED 5-7613
Real, Ruben Student
Rebello, Vida   HCA 562-277-2064
Record, Jacquelie Director CCPE/ALI 58427
Red, Vanessa Undergrad Student Services Asst Academic Affairs 5-7538

Redmon, Jo Lecturer Kinesiology 5-1540
Reed, Jennifer Associate Professor/ Undergrad Advisor Women's Gender & Sexuality Studies 5-4418
Reiboldt, Wendy Chair/Professor Family & Consumer Sciences 5-8250
Reich, Lori Lecturer Temp- Academic Year Kinesiology 5-7357
Ren, Nini     626-244-5983
Repp, Deborah Office Manager Social Work 5-4616
Reyes, Kelsey Student ASI Senator- at-Large
Reyes, Tyson R.   CHHS 5-8343
Richardson, Jennifer
TA Theatre Arts
Richesson, Robin   COTA/ School of Art 5-1067
Richmond, Laurel Lecturer Recreation & Leisure Studies
Riley, Shelby Faculty Affairs Employ Analyst Faculty Affairs 5-2777
Rincon, Adriana Student ASI Student Government
Roach, Allyson Student CHHS
Robert, Kayla   BAC
Robinson, Erica   College of Education/ ASEC Dept. 5-7947
Robison, Kody   Track and Field
Robles, Linda Assistant Film & Electronic Arts (661) 317-7752
Rodriguez, Johnny   Career Development 559-974-0623  
Rodriguez, Liliana Student Business Management 310-433-8919
Rodriguez, Sarah Student Human Development 562-508-2719
Rodriguez-Scholz, Sylvia Rental Coordinator Dance 5-2024

Romero, Eric Student Academic Affairs/ Res Life
Romo, Edgar Academic Advisor Center for Undergrad Advising 5-2457
Romero, Jocelyn Student College of Liberal Arts
Rose, Mary Anne Director, Educ Grad Prgms College of Education 5-4547
Rose De La Cruz, April   USU/ASI 5-2437
Roshanzamir, Michelle   Theater Arts & Business 5-4500
Ross, Jessica Student WGSS 714-625-6265
Russo, Marianne Communications Supervisor 49er Shops Communications 5-1125

Rust, Marilee "Rusty" Student English (805) 794-4031
Rutchick, Rebecca Doctoral Intern CAPS 5-4001

Rzasa, Ami University Police Officer University Police Department 5-8938

Saikali, Leina Student
Saint-Germain, Michelle Professor Public Policy & Administration 5-8883

Salomone, Tricia   College of Education 5-4513
Salas, Julissa Secretary of Women's Affairs USU
Salas, Susan Calswec Field Consultant Social Work 5-2375
Salazar, Ashley M
Samuels, Kashima   University Honors Program 562-810-2822
San Miguel, Lindsay Communications Manager ASI- Associated Students, Inc. 5-5274
Sands, Phyllis Admin/Hr Coordinator CCPE 5-8446
Sarcedo, Genice   Equity and Diversity 5-7637
Sauceda, Matthew   ASI 562-985-0785
Saucedo, Nancy Office Coordinator Mscp College of Education 5-1105
Schack, Stacey   Staff HR 5-1052
Schneider, Christina   Biological Sciences 5-7928
Scherer, Maike Student
Schivley, Christopher Captain University Police Department 5-0017
Schoen, Kasey   Member Services & Marketing Coordinator 5-7427
Schubert, Alejandra Priede Project Director EDLD 310-995-7504
Schwartz, Adam Senior Academic Advisor University Center, Undergrad Advising 5-5268
Scott-Hayward, Christine   School of Criminology, Criminal Justice, and Emergency Management 5-5507
Screnci, Daniela     230-561-1494
Scully, Katherine Student Anthropology 562-412-8238
Sea, Amanda Event Coordinator USU 5-5205
Seguancia, Rebecca Club Sports and Rec Coordinator Student Life and Development
Selders, DJ Student HHS
Shannon, Molly   Long Beach Union Weekly 5-4867
Shirley, Sandra Associate Director of CSAS Bickerstaff Academic Center 5-7474
Shrewsbury, Shari Lead Police Dispatcher University Police Department 5-4101
Siemer, Kyle Assoc Athletic Dir, Compliance Department of Athletics 5-8947
Sierra-Leeds, Elizabeth   USU Facilities Bldg. Management 5-8731
Sigman-Marx, April
TA Theatre Arts
Simbajon, Anabelle   CSULB
Simoes, Marc   COLA/ English 5-4261
Sino, Jasmine   SRWC Inclusive Recreation
Sive, Bill   Club Sports 562-433-2031
Slagle, Jessica Admissions Processor
Slater, Charles Professor Educational Leadership Department 5-5701
Smith, Nicole Autism Specialist Disabled Student Services 5-1675
Soares, Stephanie   Bickerstaff 5-7473
Sok, Jenny Administrative Support Assistant III Nursing 5-2619
Solorzano, M, Fernando Chief University Police Department 5-4101
Soriano, Jorge SA Multicultural Center 562-985-8150
Sosnowski, Leah R.   College of Education- Credential 5-4109
Sowder, Kim   Athletics 562-985-1506
Soza, Jessica TA Theatre Arts
Spaulding, Danielle   Athletics 5-8565
Spivey, Tamika Assistant Director Bickerstaff Center for SAAS 5-2021
Stanger, Jacquelyn   Long Beach State/ Sociology
Stein, Diane Administrative Coordinator Design 5-5313
Stephens, Mary VP Admin/Finance Admin & Finance 5-1658
Sterk, Lindsay     5-5238
Stevenson, James
Advisor CHHS
Stoner, Robert Cory   Sociology 562-201-6614
Strategos, Bessie Grants and Contracts Administrator IV Research and Sponsored Programs 5-2444
Sumpter, Kirsten Ba/Bfa Advisor School Of Art 5-8973
Sun, Lei   CHHS Department of Speech- Language Pathology 5-2907
Suri, Chris Student Liberal Arts/Geography
Swanson, Leiana Fitness Coordinator SRWC 5-1760
Swartz, Lupe Assistant to Vice Provost Academic Affairs 5-2389

Syeed, Esa   CLA Sociology
Tang, Jennifer   Single Subject Credential program/ College of Education 5-7622
Tani, Emily Admin Asst/Calswec Social Work 5-2270
Taylor, Kristin
Staff College of Health and Human Services
Thenard, Paul   CSULB 714-404-7306
Tholl, Stephanie   Liberal Arts-Spanish
Thomas, Amber   College of Education/ Teacher Prep. Advising Center (TPAC) 714-409-7878
Thomas, Amber   College of Education/ Teacher Prep.    
Thorpe, Julie Textbook Buyer Forty-Niner Shops Bookstore Services 5-7728
Thurston, Alexandra   Counseling & Psychological Services 5-8381
Tolbert, Tracy Lecturer Criminal Justice 5-4742
Torres, Sireth Director of Leadeship Giving Annual and Spcl Giving 5-2168
Tran, Anh Student College of Natural Sciences and Math 562-985-5241
Tran, Chris Student Computer Science
Tran, Tina   CSULB, CHHS Dean's Office 5-2584
Tran, Tom Security Natural Sciences and Mathematics 5-5308
Trefts, Hannah     5-4066
Troncoso, Jessica ASC COE Dean's Office
Trudgeon, Thomas
TA Theatre Arts
Tsuji, Susan   CLA/ History 562-985-1384
Tuan, Angela CNSM Academic Advisor Natural Sciences and Mathematics 5-8317
Turnbull, Chrissy   Athletics 5-5222
Ueney, Isabell Student REC
Utley, Ebony   Communication Studies 5-5303
Vaca, Andrew Chair Dance 323-791-9975
Valencia, Gene   Criminal Justice 562-760-1817
Van, Jamie     714-742-9159
Vargas, Adam   Beach Pride Center
Vazquez, Maria   UCUA 5-5267
Vela, Mark Department Coordinator Health Science 5-8069
Velez, Juan Student Education
Velasco, Andres Student   562-331-4893
Velez, Juan Student Education
Venegas, Iraida   Associated Students, Inc./ USU/ SRWC 5-7869  
Vergara, Fatima Student-athlete Track and Field
Villaviray, Jacqueline     562-608-5536
Viltz, Brianna     562-235-1289
Vogel, Brenda Associate Professor Criminal Justice 5-1894
Vournas, Logan   Political Science 949-433-3064
Kimmi Waechter Student Liberal Arts/ Human Development
Wallace, David Dean College of Liberal Arts 5-5381
Walters, Kimberly   International Studies 312-420-2098
Ware, Sabrina   Communication Studies 5-2535
Ware, Tianna Student Athlete Acad Counselor Bickerstaff Center for SAAS 5-4777
Warren, Christopher Assistant Professor Psychology 5-5025
Washington, Somone   CAPS 323-672-9208
Washington, Tristian   Liberal Arts 951-760-0261
Washington, Thomas Alex Associate Professor Social Work 5-7775

Weaver, Bob   ASI 5-8996
Nabila Webb     562-485-8513
Weber, David   Theater Department 312-493-0517
White, Jennifer   COTA/Theater Arts 5-7891
Whitehouse-Capuano, Natalie Lecturer Health Science 5-5414
Whitney, Dave   CLA Psychology Dept 5038
Wieland, Nellie Assistant Professor CLA/Philosophy 5-4346
Wihoite, Kathleen TA College of Theatre Arts
Wiley, Mark Associate Dean College of Liberal Arts 5-4207
Wilke, Judith   Eng Student Success Ctr 5-1800
Wilson, Brandi S.   Sociology 714-321-4973  
Wilson, Lora Lecturer Dance (562) 682-7761
Winter, Georgie Faculty Family & Consumer Sciences
Wolf, Brendan   CNSM/CLA
Wolff, Rachel Student CHHS 714-356-3169
Wong, Ka Cin   ASI 562-985-5241
Word, Kimberly   Education/ Educational Leadership 5-4998
Workman, Meg   ASI- Sustain V 5-5692
Wright, Lucretia   Liberal Arts/ Communication Studies 562-889-8946
Wrynn, Alison Professor Kinseiology 5-4085
Wu, Andy   College of Business 418-793-2638
Wynn, Jody     5-8409
Yang, Pazsie Student Health and Human Services/ Recreation and Leisure 951-692-5188
Yohannes, Helen   College of Engineering (ESSC) 5-2672
Yokoi, Mickey   Athletics 5-4390
Zacha, John   CHHS 714-732-6221
Zambrano, Elizabeth Student ASI 562-985-5241
Zappatera, Lara   CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services Center
Zavaleta, Orathai   Staff HR 5-8231