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California State University, Long Beach



Fall Application Deadline: June 1, 2017


- M.A. Sport Management


- Long Beach, CA


- 18 months/36 credits


- $18,900

Required GPA

- minimum 2.75

Admission Requirements

- Statement of Purpose
- Three reference forms
- Resume
- Proof of GRE scores: minimum 145 quantitative, 145 verbal, 3.5 analytical


- 9 credits
- Minimum 500 contact hours

- Over 400 affiliations



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Program Description

Master of Arts in Kinesiology
Option: Sport Management Stanley Cup

If you want to combine your passion for sport with a well-developed understanding of the business enterprise—enroll in the most cost-effective and comprehensive Sport Management program of its kind in Southern California. The Sport Industry has become a dynamic growth industry and is now recognized as a multi-billion dollar global enterprise. As former President of the International Olympic Committee, Juan Antonio Samaranch stated, “Effective sport leaders must have sport management knowledge and preparation.” With a degree in Sport Management, students get the educational foundation and the practical experience necessary to gain access to a career in this competitive industry.

CSULB is pleased to offer a top quality Master's degree in Sport Management, which will help you prepare for a career in the management of sport. The program offers an excellent curriculum to provide you with the necessary background and conceptual knowledge in the management of sport, along with practical application at various sport sites throughout Southern California. We've taken a quality curriculum and made it more accessible, with a non-traditional accelerated schedule.

The Program

The Master of Arts in Kinesiology, Option: Sport Management program is offered by the Department of Kinesiology in partnership with College of Continuing and Professional Education (CCPE), at California State University, Long Beach. This accelerated 36-unit program allows you to earn a master's degree in 18 months and is designed to prepare you for a career in the management and administration of sport.

Program Goals

Goals of Graduate Study: Designed to inspire independent thinking, critical analysis and originality in the quest for knowledge and its useful application.

Program Objectives

Program Objectives: To empower students for a career in the management of sport by providing them with a quality graduate education that includes the integration of sport management theory (knowledge) and sport management practice (application).

Upon completion of the CSULB Graduate Program in Sport Management, students are expected to realize the following learning outcomes:

  • An improved ability to verbally and orally communicate effectively and persuasively in professional sport settings.
  • An advanced understanding of the Sport Management concepts, constructs, principles, practices, and literature.
  • An improved ability to seek, organize, assimilate, synthesize, and apply information to the management of sport.
  • An improved ability to understand and employ a variety of research methods and statistics relevant to Sport Management.
  • An improved ability to apply Sport Management knowledge and skills in a variety of sport settings.
  • Achieve academic and practical foundations with the ultimate goal, employment in the Sport Management Industry.


  • Respect for the Academic Process
  • Commitment to the Academic Process
  • Professionalism (Industriousness, Ethics, Character, Integrity)

Subject Areas Included

  • Foundations of Sport Management (3 units)
  • Facility and Event Planning in Sport (3 units)
  • Sport Marketing, Fundraising, and Development (3 units)
  • Sport Finance ( 3 units)
  • Advanced Marketing and Communication Initiatives (3 units)
  • Research Methods (3 units)
  • Legal and Ethical Issues in Sport (3 units)
  • Sales: The Concept, the Pitch, the Close (3 units)
  • Sport Management Internships (6 units Internships, 3 units Field Studies)
  • Sport Management Capstone Preparation (3 units)

Special Features and Benefits

  • Easy scheduling with consistent course offerings and meeting times one night per week 6 pm-10 pm.
  • Accelerated format of course delivery to enable you to complete your Master's Degree in 18 months
  • Practical application of Sport Management concepts through high profile internships and partnerships with sport organizations throughout Southern California
  • Networking opportunities with working Sport Industry professionals
  • Distinguished CSULB faculty comprised of a dedicated team of professionals and academic leaders
  • Support by a prestigious and diverse Advisory Committee of Sport Professionals
  • The most affordable, yet comprehensive Program of its kind in Southern California.
  • Campus located near the beautiful Pacific Ocean and the beaches of Southern California.

Who Should Enroll?

  • Recent graduates who wish to pursue employment opportunities in the Sport and Athletics Industry
  • Professionals from the Sport and Athletics Industry who desire advanced management skill/knowledge
  • Individuals who are interested in a career change into the Sport Industry
  • Past and present athletes who want to pursue a career in the Sport and Athletics industry

Graduation Requirements

  • Complete the 27 units of core Sport Management courses
  • Complete the 9 units of Sport Management or Athletic Administration Internship/Fieldwork Experiences
  • Completion of Sport Management Capstone Project


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