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California State University, Long Beach



Fall Application Deadline: June 1, 2019


- M.A. Sport Management


- Long Beach, CA


- 18 months/36 credits


- $18,900

Required GPA

- minimum 2.75

Admission Requirements

- Statement of Purpose
- Three reference forms
- Resume


- 9 credits
- Minimum 500 contact hours

- Over 400 affiliations



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Department of Kinesiology

University College & Extension Services

Long Beach Area & Convention Center


Newsletter Archive






     The Graduate Program in Sport Management

Spring Application Deadline Date: November 1, 2018


Carlos Campos

LT 31 - Graduate

Ballpark Operations Coordinator - Angels Baseball

"The GPSM provides professionals with an excellent foundation for someone looking to start a career in the sport industry. The program has a vast network in the industry who are always willing to give advice to students of the program. I met alumni of the program inside and outside of the classroom and was able to expand my own network. Coming from a military career, my biggest concern was that I would be overlooked for opportunities because of my lack of experience in business. The program helped me find opportunities which opened many doors for me, eventually leading me to start my career in sports. I gained practical experience working with high school level to professional sport organizations. Every course of the program provided me with knowledge and tools that I utilize constantly in my career. I highly recommend the GPSM to anyone looking to start or advance their career in sports. I hope to be able to provide advice and guidance to students of the program, just as other alumni did for me.


Ryan Berry

LT 29 - Graduate

Program Services Manager - USA Badminton

"Great program to get started within the sports industry. Great location, great experiential based learning, and very understanding and flexible with full-time work schedules."





Bryan Ponce

LT 28 - Graduate

Project Manager- Humans Unlocking Potential (HUP)

"My passion and love in sports is what drew me to Long Beach State’s Sport Management Program.  Having the privilege to learn from and work alongside some of the most influential business professionals within the sports industry was an opportunity of a lifetime. The program provided me plenty of opportunities to gain practical experience and insight working in such a competitive industry prepping me to successfully integrate myself in the business of sport."



Chris Winans

LT 26 - Graduate

Assistant Director of Marketing and Business Development - UC Berkelely

"The GPSM program at Long Beach State has developed me professionally and personally in many ways. I believe the biggest impact for me were the countless internship opportunities available. I was lucky enough to work at the right places and for the most influential people, but the connections GPSM has, propelled me to where I am today. The established faculty and staff that put in the time and effort to prepare us for not just our class assignments but the professional world can't go unnoticed. Learning from these professionals taught me importance of being punctual, proficient at any task given to me no matter the importance, and confidence. Lastly, one of the most important aspects I took away from the program is putting in the extra time to do the little things such as writing thank you cards after every interview and creating a professional portfolio for the job you're applying for. I still have a long ways to go but I am thankful to come from a tremendous program that gave me a head start."



Jocelyn Neely

LT 23 - Graduate Jocelyn Neely, LT 23

Development Associate, Events & Support

Memorial Medical Center Foundation

"As a graduate from Learning Team 23, I recommend the Sport Management Graduate Program at Long Beach State to aspiring students who are looking for a fast-paced, rewarding, and exciting career in sports. As a young professional I felt supported and encouraged on a consistent basis from my professors and peers throughout the 18 month program. The opportunity to seek internships during the program is truly the reason for my networking success. It was due to my internship experiences during graduate school that I was offered a job upon graduation. The Sport Management Graduate Program will give students the tools to thrive in the sport industry, but it is the students' choice how they use them. I am very grateful for my experience during the program and will continue to grow as a professional from the foundation they built under me."



Lauren Martino LT 28

Lauren Martino

LT 28 - Graduate

AEG Global Partnership Account Executive

LA Kings

"If you are looking to get into the sports industry then look no further than the Sports Management Graduate program at California State University, Long Beach. I always knew that I wanted to have a career in sports, but I didn't realize how many positions are out there or what was the best way to get my foot in the door. This program has so many great networking opportunities and real world experiences that it truly prepares you for the industry after graduation. I was beyond grateful that this program prepared me with the appropriate knowledge and skills to be able to accept my first full time job with the Ontario Reign hockey team just 6 months into the program.The faculty and guest speakers are so encouraging and willing to help you on this journey, be sure to take advantage of it. Lastly this program would not have been the same if it wasn't for my LT 28 family! Shout out to the best LT yet, couldn't have made it these last 18 months without you!"



Laura Seckel

Vice-President/Human Resources

Special Olympics Southern California

“Our organization has a consistent need for well-trained, high quality interns. For a number of years, we have relied on LBSU ’s Graduate Program in Sports Management to provide us with a strong pool of candidates. The GPSM has provided a constant flow of young volunteers, eager to learn and develop their professional skills. Interns coming from the GPSM already have a high level of maturity and professionalism…they complement our workforce in every way. In fact, SOSC has hired a number of GPSM graduates over the years because of the consistently high quality of people that have been provided.”



Andrea Riche

LT 27 - Graduate Andrea McHugh

Assistant Athletic Director

Concordia University Irvine

The Sport Management Program is a great way to get started in sports. There is a plethora of great internships and jobs to get real-world experience and get your foot into the sports world! Not only does the program offer great internships, but the amount of mentors and sport influences that are involved with the program is something that you will not be able to get anywhere else!"



Patrick Tabora                                                            

LT 28 - Graduate                                                                      

Tour and Travel Coordinator - OUESkyspace

"My goal going into the Sport Management program was to gain as much experience as possible in the industry. It is safe to say that our professors, advisors and colleagues made sure that none of us fell behind in this aspect. Each night in class, along with the material we learned proved to be directly applicable to our internships and workplaces. What I appreciate the most are the dedication and hard work of the professors. They went out of their way to make sure our resumes were on point, to introduce us to the right people and that we were prepared for the interviews. It was also awesome to experience all of it with the LT 28 squad!"



Colin Baines
LT 26 - Graduate Colin Baines
Community Services Senior Leader City of Irvine 

"Classroom learning is important, but it is the learning experiences you get through being in a place like this, and the Sport Management internship program, that are crucial to equipping you with the necessary skills to be a success.”



Monique Stansell
LT 26 - Graduate Monique Stansell
Executive New York Rangers Trainee
Madison Square Garden                                        

"I am going to be starting the training program in June after my internship is officially over. The program is designed to place you in a full time position, when one becomes available. I am excited to be placed in that program because not many associates get asked to participate. I want to say thank you again for spearheading the virtual class layout because it allowed me to be able to have this opportunity."



Megan Geier
LT 25 - Graduate
Membership Development Specialist
Cleveland Cavaliers   Megan Geier

“Working and having a career in sports is something I have always wanted to do, and thanks to my involvement in the Graduate Program in Sport Management at Long Beach State,  that dream became a reality. I am beyond grateful to the GPSM staff, faculty and guest lecturers who dedicated their time and energy throughout this program. Without their enthusiasm, experience and passion this journey would not have been possible. This program allowed me to develop and implement skills, such as accountability, leadership, professionalism, time management, and many more throughout the classroom and real world internships/field experience. Developing relationships among fellow classmates, faculty, advisory committee and large networking community separates this program from the rest, and highlights it as one of the best out there. I have my current position with the University of Texas as a result of the experiences I gained throughout my 18 months. I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking a career in the sports world.”                                           



Aiyana Welsh
LT 23 - Graduate
Event Manager - IMG       Aiyana Welsh

"My experience in the Graduate Program in Sport Management at Long Beach State University, went above and beyond my expectations. I am eternally grateful to the program for providing me with priceless skills, knowledge, and opportunities. Upon graduating I received my ideal position with Special Olympics World Games, Los Angeles 2015. I have my current position now as a result of the alumni network and the experiences I gained from the program.The endless networking opportunities and the strong and successful alumni network are a tremendous asset of the program.Less than a year out from graduating my connections only continue to grow in allareas of the sports industry. I am beyond ecstatic to dive head first into my career in the sports industry and I am very thankful to the program for helping me get to the platform."



Paul O. Leaf
LT 24 - Graduate
Assistant Athletic Director
Lafayette Jefferson High School  Paul Leaf                           

"The Long Beach State Sport Management Graduate Program gave me the opportunity to learn about the various career options in a competitive sport industry. Faculty members serve as mentors both in and out of the classroom, advising students on their future career paths. The accelerated 18 month program allowed me to implement conceptual knowledge from the classroom through real world internship/fieldwork experiences. Developing relationships with fellow classmates, faculty and networking with Sport Industry professionals distinguishes this program as one of the best."



Brandon Urry - Learning Team 24 Graduate

Program Coordinator for the MBA Program in Intercollegiate Athletic Administration

University of Nebraska, LincolnBrandon Urry Image

"Coming to the Graduate Program in Sport Management at LBSU was the smartest career move I could have made. My eighteen months in the program helped to refine my knowledge of current issues and trends in the sport industry through academic preparation from faculty who have years of high-level experience. It also polished my professional demeanor through meaningful workshops, classroom instruction and one-on-one interaction with program professors and advisory committee members. I highly recommend the program to anyone looking for a career in the sport industry. The network of program alumni and internship locations continues to grow and with the right motivation and determination the program will guide you to achieve your career goals."