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California State University, Long Beach
Graduate Program in Sports Management



- M.A. Sport Management


- Long Beach, CA


- 18 months/36 credits


- $18,900

Required GPA

- minimum 2.75

Admission Requirements

- Statement of Purpose
- Three reference forms
- Resume
- Proof of GRE scores: minimum 145 quantitative, 145 verbal, 3.5 analytical


- 9 credits
- Minimum 500 contact hours

- Over 400 affiliations



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Department of Kinesiology

University College & Extension Services

Long Beach Area & Convention Center


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April 2014

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The Graduate Program in Sport Management is accepting application materials for Fall 2016!

Fall Application Deadline Date: June 1, 2016

About Us

Program Administrative Committee

Stephen E. Buchan, MBA, Associate Director / Adjunct Professor / Manager of Business Affairs & Marketing, Graduate Program in Sport Management, Department of Kinesiology, College of Health and Human Services, CSULB

Diane Higgs, M.Ed., MA, Manager of Student Affairs, Graduate Program in Sport Management , Department of Kinesiology, College of Health and Human Services, CSULB

Hitoshi Furuya, Program Developer//International Programs and Initiatives, College of Continuing and Professional Education


The University

California State University, Long Beach (CSULB)

Established in 1949, CSULB is home to 63 academic departments and programs, 11 centers, three institutes, and three clinics. There are 191 bachelor's degree programs, 73 master's degree programs, and one joint Ph.D. program. Included are a large fine and performing arts program, an international business curriculum geared to preparing key players in the global marketplace; the largest engineering program in the West; one of the state's top three speech communication departments, award-winning industrial and graphic design programs, a natural science curriculum known for its environmental and biomedical research activities and the largest marine biology and microbiology programs in the West; and one of the region's outstanding physical therapy programs. CSULB's student and faculty scholars win many prestigious awards. CSULB is one of the flagship campuses in the 22-campus CSU system, the largest public university system in the world.

Department of Kinesiology , College of Health and Human Services

The mission of the CSULB Department of Kinesiology is to facilitate change in the individual through the study and application of human movement principles across the life span, and through participation in physical activity, exercise, and sport. This is accomplished by providing excellence in instruction, scholarship, and service through a multidisciplinary approach in:

  • Programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels designed to prepare professionals in human movement, sport, and exercise-related careers
  • Courses that promote general education and interdisciplinary concepts
  • Activity courses and programs designed to induce physical, cognitive, and affective adaptations
  • Specialized service programs for the community

The graduate degree program admits about 50-60 new students each year and is one of the largest programs in the state of California. Many faculty members have national and international reputations for their research and instructional techniques and are considered leaders in their discipline. The Department boasts nearly 5000 graduates, many of whom are providing leadership in physical activity throughout southern California.

College of Continuing Professional and Education (CCPE)

Through CCPE, the community outreach arm of CSULB, colleges can offer the same fine degree programs on a self-support basis. Many of the extra services working professionals want and need are included in CCPE administered degree programs. CCPE main offices are located in the Foundation Education Center adjacent to campus. Additional sites are used for off-campus degree programs. CCPE has delivered programs as far north as CSU Chico and Humboldt State University, and as far west as Hilo, Hawaii.


"I am going to be starting the training program in June after my internship is officially over. The program is designed to place you in a full time position, when one becomes available. I am excited to be placed in that program because not many associates get asked to participate. I want to say thank you again for spearheading the virtual class layout because it allowed me to be able to have this opportunity."

Monique Stansell



Monique Stansell

LT 26 - Graduate
Executive New York Rangers Trainee
Madison Square Garden


“Working and having a career in sports is something I have always wanted to do, and thanks to my involvement in the Graduate Program in Sport Management at Long Beach State,  that dream became a reality. I am beyond grateful to the GPSM staff, faculty and guest lecturers who dedicated their time and energy throughout this program. Without their enthusiasm, experience and passion this journey would not have been possible. This program allowed me to develop and implement skills, such as accountability, leadership, professionalism, time management, and many more throughout the classroom and real world internships/field experience. Developing relationships among fellow classmates, faculty, advisory committee and large networking community separates this program from the rest, and highlights it as one of the best out there. I have my current position with the University of Texas as a result of the experiences I gained throughout my 18 months. I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking a career in the sports world.”

Megan Geier



Megan Geier
LT 25 Graduate
Consultant, Service and Retention
The University of Texas, Intercollegiate Athletics

"My experience in the Graduate Program in Sport Management at Long Beach State University, went above and beyond my expectations. I am eternally grateful to the program for providing me with priceless skills, knowledge, and opportunities. Upon graduating I received my ideal position with Special Olympics World Games, Los Angeles 2015. I have my current position now as a result of the alumni network and the experiences I gained from the program.The endless networking opportunities and the strong and successful alumni network are a tremendous asset of the program.Less than a year out from graduating my connections only continue to grow in allareas of the sports industry. I am beyond ecstatic to dive head first into my career in the sports industry and I am very thankful to the program for helping me get to the platform."

Aiyana Welsh




Aiyana Welsh
LT 23 Graduate
Venues & Infrastructure Operations Manager at TrackTown USA



"The California State University – Long Beach Sport Management graduate program gave me the opportunity to learn about the various career options in a competitive sport industry. Faculty members serve as mentors both in and out of the classroom, advising students on their future career paths. The accelerated 18 month program allowed me to implement conceptual knowledge from the classroom through real world internship/fieldwork experiences. Developing relationships with fellow classmates, faculty and networking with Sport Industry professionals distinguishes this program as one of the best."

Paul Leaf





Paul O. Leaf, M.A
LT 24 Graduate
Assistant Athletic Director
Lafayette Jefferson High School

"Coming to the Graduate Program in Sport Management at CSULB was the smartest career move I could have made. My eighteen months in the program helped to refine my knowledge of current issues and trends in the sport industry through academic preparation from faculty who have years of high-level experience. It also polished my professional demeanor through meaningful workshops, classroom instruction and one-on-one interaction with program professors and advisory committee members. I highly recommend the program to anyone looking for a career in the sport industry. The network of program alumni and internship locations continues to grow and with the right motivation and determination the program will guide you to achieve your career goals."

Brandon Urry Image



Brandon Urry
LT 24 Graduate
Program Coordinator for the MBA Program in Intercollegiate Athletic Administration
University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

"As a member of the Development team for Special Olympics Southern California, I reflect back on the lessons learned from the Graduate Program in Sport Management  at Long Beach State. The variety of classes and cohort setup is a stellar example of providing a well rounded and balanced curriculum. This program at CSULB certainly prepared me for the job filled with multiple opportunities to succeed."

Rich Fernandez





Richard P. Fernandez 
Assistant Vice-President, Development
Special Olympics Southern California