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California State University, Long Beach
CHHS Lifefit Center
LFC Management

LifeFit Center @ The Beach
California State University, Long Beach
1250 Bellflower Blvd.
Long Beach, CA 90840
Phone: (562) 985-2015


Day Hours
Mon/Wed/Fr 8:30am - 2pm
Tue/Th 8:30am - 5:30pm




PT At the Beach






In early 2016, the LifeFit Center welcomed a brand new class: In-Trinity! This is the latest creation of Johnny G - the same man who brought us Spinning and the Krankcycle. To learn more, check out this LA Times article featuring the LifeFit Center!

InTrinity 2



On Monday, October 27th, the Arthritis National Research Foundation partnered with the LifeFit Center at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) for its inaugural two mile LifeFit Center Walk benefiting All funds raised from the walk will go towards arthritis research.

The LifeFit Center at the Beach is a health and fitness community center for those 49 and older who want to remain active. The vision of the Center is to inspire and educate the community about a lifelong commitment to wellness and inspire healthy behaviors and empowers longer, healthier, happier lives. After all, their motto is, “Move More. Live Longer.”

Commencing at Claremont Avenue in the Belmont Shore area of Long Beach, California, fifty participants, including ANRF supporters and members of the LifeFit Center, all joined together to embark on the walk down the Long Beach walking/bike path. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect and excellently complemented the scenic ocean view for the entirety of the walk.


The LifeFit Center Walk benefiting was put on by the LifeFit Center team, and headed up by Operations and Marketing Coordinator Tim Trefts and assisted by Wes McCurtis. Thanks to their efforts, the event attracted walkers of all ages and raised almost $500 dollars for arthritis research. Notable attendees included ANRF Executive Director, Helene Belisle, ANRF Board Member and Legal Counsel, Lynn Moyer, and CSULB Dean of Health and Human Services, Ken Millar. A fun, pre-walk stretch was conducted by LifeFit Center Director, Ayla Donlin, as she motivated everyone for the trek.

The walk concluded with a lunch at Legends Sports Bar where prizes were awarded to random participants, including gift baskets, high-tech workout gear, and LifeFit Center memberships. Belisle and Moyer both addressed the crowd and spoke about their involvement and rich history with ANRF and why they’re so passionate about the work they do. Millar and Donlin also spoke about their passion for fitness and health and the new partnership with ANRF.

Moving forward, the LifeFit Center Walk will take place annually in May, in honor of Arthritis Awareness Month. If you’d like more information on the LifeFit Center at the Beach, visit their website:

To make a contribution to the exciting arthritis research projects ANRF scientists are conducting, make a donation today!


LifeFit Supports Paralympic Hopeful and US National Champion!

The LifeFit Center @ The Beach is proud to support our friend and member, Greg Crouse. Greg is a Paralympic athlete who is currently the National Champion in Paracanoe, specifically the Rudderless, Outrigger Canoe. Greg is currently training for the Paracanoe World Championships and has his sights set on the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2016! Greg attends the KrankFusion class at the LifeFit Center @ The Beach on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 12 pm to perform cross training and build up his cardio for his canoe racing. We wish Greg all the best and will be cheering for him along his journey! Go get ‘em Greg! Here are some pictures of Greg training on the weight equipment at the LifeFit Center and racing in his canoe.



Health and Fitness Improvements for Seniors participating in Strength for Living Program at The LifeFit Center @ The Beach

LONG BEACH, Calif.—Adults age 50+ who participated in a fitness program called Strength for Living at the LifeFit Center @ The Beach on campus at California State University, Long Beach have experienced great health and fitness results.

Strength for Living is a 16-Week program led by a fitness professional with a degree in Kinesiology. The program accommodates a small group of six to eight participants who attend workouts three days per week. Each workout consists of 30 minutes of resistance training, 30 minutes of cardiorespiratory training, and 15 minutes of flexibility and balance training.

The first two cohorts to complete the Strength for Living program have experienced improvements in muscular strength, cardiorespiratory fitness, flexibility, and balance. Further, the participants reported reductions in weight, reductions in medication use, improvements in health, and elevated confidence in their abilities as exercisers.

On average, participants in Strength for Living improved their upper body strength by 60% and improved their lower body strength by 48%. One participant reported a 20 pound weight loss and a reduction in her blood pressure to healthy levels. Another participant, who has had diabetes her entire life, experienced the best control over her blood sugar levels to date. All participants reported activities of daily living, such as getting in and out of a car, easier to complete.

For more information about the Strength for Living Program, please visit The LifeFit Center @ The Beach website at:, or call at 562-985-2015.


The LifeFit Center @ The Beach has changed its Saturday hours of operation as of April 5th, 2014. The new hours will be 8:30am - 12pm. So come join us early for your weekend workout!




As of January 4th, 2014, the LifeFit Center @ The Beach, a health and fitness facility for people age 50+, will be expanding hours of operation to include Saturdays. The LifeFit Center @ The Beach opened its doors a little over one year ago on October 12, 2012 and started with limited hours of operation Monday through Friday. The LifeFit Center will be open from 8:30am – 7 pm Monday through Thursday and 8:30 am - 2pm every Friday and Saturday starting January 4th.

The LifeFit Center has had great success in its first year growing to over 250 members. Of the LifeFit Center’s first year success, LifeFit Center Director Ayla Donlin said, “I am so pleased with the community that we have created at the LifeFit Center. The members, staff, and interns are all committed to an environment that promotes holistic wellness and a lifelong commitment to health and fitness.”

The first year’s success at the LifeFit Center @ the Beach can be attributed to:

  • Expanded programming such as Strength For Living, a 16-week comprehensive, small group personal training program of 6 to 8 people.
  • The community that has been created and the camaraderie of the members, staff, and interns.

About LifeFit Center @ The Beach: LifeFit Center @ The Beach is a health and fitness facility for people age 50+ located on the campus of California State University, Long Beach. The LifeFit Center offers a variety of programs and services for all people age 50 and above including: group fitness classes, equipment orientations, fitness/balance assessments, personal training, and has designated LifeFit parking for members.

Leisure-Time Physical Activity Adds Years to Your Life

by Ryan Halvorson

Exercising is a good idea if you want to live a long life. You know that. But have you wondered just how many years you might gain by heading out for a brisk walk?

A team of researchers from the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the National Cancer Institute may have the answer. Their study, published in PLOS Medicine (2012; 9 (11); e1001335. doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.1001335), quantified how much life adults gain by regularly engaging in certain levels of physical activity. The scientists pulled data from six studies that followed more than 650,000 people, aged 21–90, over an average of 10 years. “Our objective was to determine the years of life gained after age 40 associated with various levels of physical activity, both overall and according to body mass index (BMI) groups, in a large pooled analysis,” the authors explained.

Here are some highlights from the study:

  • Low amounts of activity—such as 75 minutes of walking per week—resulted in a gain of 1.8 years of life, compared with no activity.
  • At least 150 minutes of physical activity per week yielded 3.4–4.5 extra years of life.
  • Being active in addition to having a normal weight was associated with an extra life expectancy of 7.2 years.
  • Being inactive while having a normal weight was associated with 3.1 fewer years of life compared with being active and obese.
  • An association between physical activity and life expectancy was evident among subjects at all levels of body mass index.

“These findings suggest that participation in leisure time physical activity, even below the recommended level, is associated with a reduced risk of mortality compared to participation in no leisure time physical activity,” reported the authors.

They added that this information could be used to encourage sedentary individuals to engage in at least minimal amounts of regular activity.


The LifeFit Center @ The Beach walked it out on President’s Day with their first ever Walk-A-Thon on Monday, February 18, 2013.  Members, students, and CHHS staff all joined in for two hours of walking and talking to promote the center and the many benefits of exercise.  The LifeFit Center is now a proud affiliate of the Exercise is Medicine on Campus initiative and was happy to have success with their first ever event.  The walkers were taken on a tour of the campus and even made a few laps around the university track.  They walked approximately 4 miles in the two hour time span and took time for plenty of photo ops.  Director Ayla Donlin had this to say about the event, “I was thrilled with the success of the LifeFit Center’s first Exercise is Medicine® on Campus event! We had over 30 participants from the LifeFit Center and College of Health and Human Services. We also had an entire Fitness Walking Class (around 30 students) join us to raise awareness about the benefits of physical activity. Everyone seemed to have a great time, and we got a great workout too!”  The LFC plans to host more exciting Exercise is Medicine events going forward and looks forward to involving more and more of the CSULB community!





The LifeFit Center is now proud to say that it is officially an Exercise is Medicine on Campus facility.

We at the LifeFit Center are making a commitment to uphold and promote these guiding principles of the Exercise is Medicine on Campus (EIMC) Program.

• Exercise and physical activity are important to health and the prevention and treatment of many chronic diseases.

• More should be done in university and college settings to encourage students to establish lifelong exercise and physical activity habits that have the power to significantly improve the quality of students’ lives.

• Support the American College of Sports Medicine’s (ACSM’s) efforts to bring a greater focus on exercise and physical activity in university and college settings.



On Friday December 7, 2012, the LifeFit Center @ The Beach held it's first ever holiday party. And we must say it was a huge success. The holiday party was an all day event that went from 10am to 2pm and featured two holiday lectures by Program Coordinator Heather Mazzei, a potluck with the members and staff, and a holiday trivia. Click here to go to our Facebook page and see all the great pictures!!

panoramic 1 holiday partyThe holiday lectures were focused on "How To Stay Healthy Over The Holidays!" Heather Mazzei put on a fabulous lecture with 10 easy steps to take during the holidays to ease everyones health during the holidays with all the delicious treats we have all come so accustomed to. You can still view the Holiday lecture by following this link.

holiday lecture slide1

All members and staff were invited to join in on the potluck. There were yummy deserts, cool refreshments, delicious salads, and great holiday bread. It was a success with many members and staff joining in to bring some holiday cheer to the party.

The LFC also had a holiday trivia with a raffle. The big winner of the raffle was Linda DeGuire! She will recieve $10 off her next membership dues!


The LifeFit Center hosted it's first lecture in the Roger F. Greaves Learning Center on Friday November 16th. The lecture was done by Ann Coccagnia on the "Power of Plants." With a great showing of guests, over 15 people, for the first lecture in the Roger F. Greaves Learning Center Ann talked about the the power plants have in our daily diet and their nutrinional value. Also provided during the lecture were food samples and great laughs.

Ann is the founder of the Vegan Depot. "The Vegan Depot will be growing.  It’s been planted to help the residents of Long Beach, CA, and elsewhere, learn about the power of plants.  You can use them to create dinner, heal diseases, clean your house, make fashionable clothes, mix pretty makeup, and, of course, put them on your desk!  

For now, swing by the Los Alamitos Farmer’s Market on Sundays to snag some cruelty-free treats and grab some literature.  All questions about veggie-based eating and living with be answered with a smile."

For more information, contact Ann by number  310-862-9209email her at, or just check out her website at



The LifeFit Center @ The Beach was in full force at the 24 Hour Fitness Tour de Cove 2012 in San Diego, CA on Sunday October 21. Many of the LifeFit Center's staff members were able to participate/volunteer in the The 24 Hour Fitness Tour de Cove raised nearly $100,000 for CAF! "PEDAL TO THE PODIUM" was the theme of this year's Tour de Cove, where we celebrated our Paralympic athletes during the four and a half hour cycling marathon. The event featured over 100 stationary bikes and Krankcycles® on the lawn overlooking the Pacific Ocean at the center of the 19th annual Aspen Medical Products San Diego Triathlon Challenge.

The Tour de Cove (TDC) returns to beautiful La Jolla Cove on Sunday, October 21, 2012. Join the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) for a four and a half hour cycling marathon as the 24-Hour Fitness Tour de Cove event presents a day of awesome energy and inspiration. There will be over 100 stationary bikes and Krankcycles® on the lawn overlooking the Pacific Ocean at the center of the Aspen Medical Products San Diego Triathlon Challenge.

The money raised for the 2012 Tour de Cove will help the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) provide funding directly to physically challenged individuals for the acquisition of adaptive sports equipment such as sports prosthetics, racing and basketball wheelchairs, handcycles, and mono-skis. Additionally, it will help subsidize competition and training expenses, produce mentoring and fitness clinics, and offer community outreach programs. 

team at tour de cove

ayla tdc



A new era has begun in the Kinesiology building at California State University, Long Beach as the LifeFit Center @ The Beach enjoyed a successful ribbon cutting on October 12, 2012. With over 40 people in attendance at the LifeFit Center, the Dean of College of Health and Human Services, Ken Millar, cut the ribbon into the facility. Among many people in attendance were CSULB President F. King Alexander, Provost Don Para, OLLI President Malcolm Green, and VP of Administration & Finance Mary Stephens.

ribbon cutting b&w

Above: Dean Ken Millar cutting the ribbon into the LifeFit Center

Ribbon cutting meeting

Above: President Alexander and Dean Millar speak with LifeFit Center Director Ayla Donlin


Supported by the College of Health and Human Services (HHS), the new LifeFit Center @ The Beach celebrated its grand opening on Friday.

According to Ayla Donlin, director of the LifeFit Center, the idea came about after Frog's Fitness, which was located in CSULB’s Walter Pyramid, closed in late 2010.

“It was a sad day for us when Frog’s Fitness closed,” Donlin said. “The college of HHS recognized the need for older adults [in that] they didn’t have facilities where they felt they could be comfortable as members. So we knew that we needed to offer something to them.”( Below picture courtesy of Kysung Gong)

49ER PICThe 17,000 square-foot facility, located in the Kinesiology building, caters specifically to community members as well as CSULB faculty and staff who are 50 years of age and older.

Members of the LifeFit Center are also required to be current members of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) on campus, which is another HHS sponsored program that offers classes in different subjects to the same demographic.

“We’ve partnered because we realized that we’re serving the same population and that we can meet needs in different ways … they’re committed to lifelong learning and … we are to a lifelong commitment to health and fitness,” Donlin said.

According to Donlin, their partnership with OLLI also serves to broaden the member interaction beyond the LifeFit Center to all of the OLLI activities.

Leroy Martinez, a 67-year-old Belmont shore resident and an OLLI member of two years, signed up at the LifeFit Center two weeks ago after he stumbled upon it while looking for his OLLI classes.

Martinez, who was a gymnast in college, said he enjoyed the exclusivity of the LifeFit Center.

“What’s nice about it is [it is not] open for everyone, just us older folks,” Martinez said. “Also, you have people around to help you do anything. They are always there as opposed to other places where you’d be lucky to get any help.”

Hugh McHugh, who teaches computer classes at OLLI, became a member of the LifeFit Center when it opened initially in earlier this month.

“I’ve never done a program like this before, so it’s something new for me … This is the first time I have ever belonged to a gym,” McHugh said, “[but] at my age you have to use the body or it’s going to deteriorate.”

The LifeFit Center offers members both cardio equipment and resistance training equipment. According to Donlin, it also offers group fitness classes and free nutritional and fitness assessments to its members.

Additionally, LifeFit members are also issued student ID cards, which can be utilized for on campus services or discounted bus transportation, Donlin said.

According to Donlin, what sets the LifeFit Center apart from the Student Recreation and Wellness Center is that not only does it focus on community members ages 50 and older, but they also serve as an educational laboratory for the HHS.

“[The center will] provide education, research and career development opportunities for students, staff and faculty,” Donlin said.

Membership at the LifeFit Center costs $30 per month if paid in whole upfront or $40 per month if paid monthly. Members must also pay for parking.

By Rabiya Hussain