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Don Lauda Lecture Series
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California State University, Long Beach

Donald P. Lauda Wellness Lecture

Wellness is more than absence of disease.

Healthy Organizations, Healthy Communities: A Conversation on Wellness with Healthcare Leaders

The 2013 Donald P. Lauda Wellness lecture brought together healthcare leaders from the Long Beach area to discuss Healthy Organizations, Healthy Communities: A Conversation on Wellness with Healthcare Leaders. CSULB's Dr. Brenda Freshman moderated the event.

The Panel of Experts for 2013 included:

Richard Chambers, B.A.
President, Molina Healthcare of California

Diana Hendel, Pharm.D
CEO, Long Beach Memorial Medical Center, Community Hospital Long Beach, and Miller Children's Hospital

Brenda Freshman, Ph.D.
CSULB Assistant Professor of Healh Care Administration
William Dickson Faculty Fellows Program Chair and Director of Research, Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership

Chris Wing
President and CEO, Scan Health Plan

Held on April 8th in the Pointe Conference and Event Center at the Water Pyramid, the lecture touched on health, wellness, and prevention.  The panel gave their incites on how they promote health and wellness with their customers, patients, and employees as well as ways for the community to stay healthy through diet,e xercise, and lifestyle choices.  The event was cosponsored by the CSULB Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership.

About the Donald P. Lauda Wellness Lecture

Established in 2002 through a grant from the Kaiser Permanente Foundation, The Donald P. Lauda Wellness Lectureship was established to bring knowledge to the CSULB campus and the community at large through an innovative series of presentations by renowned experts in mental, physical, and spiritual health.  Beginning in 2012, the Lauda Wellness Lecture Series has been incorporated as the signature event for inaugural “College of Health & Human Services Wellness Week” and will be held in the campus landmark building, the Walter Pyramid.  The lecture series draws a wide audience of attendees that includes students, alumni, faculty, and members of local and regional civic and private organizations, as well as friends and supporters of the University. 

Donald Lauda envisioned the annual wellness lecture as a community forum for exploring important health and wellness issues. As such, Kaiser Permanente shared his vision and provided funds to begin an endowment that would encourage broader support. Since its inception, several community members and corporate partners, particularly PacifiCare, have since made contributions to help grow the lectureship.  The Lauda Wellness Lecture series presents outstanding lectures on topics of widespread interest in the field of wellness. Topics are chosen to provide information and insight into wellness to further our understanding and move us to engage in a more healthful life.   Our speakers are selected to educate, challenge, and inspire us with the latest in theory, research, philosophical, and practical innovations in attaining, maintaining, and promoting health throughout the life span.