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California State University, Long Beach
Department of Speech-Language Pathology

Student Resources


Academic Advising

All academic advising for undergraduates is now being handled by the College of Health & Human Services Academic Advising & Resource Center (AARC). As an undergraduate, you will see AARC for all your advising needs including your once-per-semester advising appointment. For academic advising, contact Rachel Wiedemann at AARC (562)985-2691-or- visit the AARC website at for walk-in advising hours, location, etc.  If you have questions or concerns that cannot be addressed by AARC, please contact our Undergraduate Mentor, Dr. Lei Sun.

Requirements for Undergraduate Majors

  • All undergraduate majors must have an academic advising session with AARC at least once per semester.
  • All undergraduate majors must update the Self-Managed Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (SMAKS) form once per semester.

Please find detailed information regarding the requirements for undergraduate majors below.

1. How to become a SLP major
2. How to maintain SLP major –Requirements for
    Undergraduate Majors
3. Undergraduate Major Requirement Worksheet
4. Application Form for Admission into the Speech-Language Pathology Major
5. Observation Verification Form
6. Course Equivalency Request Form
7. ASHA 2014 IV-A Department Implementation
8. New ASHA 2014 Standards SMAKS Form



1. Graduate Student Handbook
2. Graduate Student Orientation Information
3. Comprehensive Examination Application Form
4. Comprehensive Examination Overview
5. Graduate Advising Sheet
6. Advancement to Candidacy Form
7. New ASHA 2014 Standards SMAKS Form
8. SMAKS Addendum. Note this addendum is to be attached to SMAKS forms with a revision date before April 2014.
9. Clinical At Risk Policy / Procedures
10. Student Complaint Policy / Procedures
11. ASHA 2014 IV-A Department Implementation
12. Petition for Course Equivelency