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California State University, Long Beach
Department of Physical Therapy
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Kay Cerny, PhD, PT, KEMG

Professor, Physical Therapy


  • PhD in Physical Therapy: University of Sourthern California, 1987
  • MS in physical Therapy: University of Southern California, 1977
  • BS in Physical Therapy: Miami University, Oxford Ohio, 1965
  • Physical Therapy School: D. T. Watson School of Physiatrics, 1964


  • Certified in kinesiological electromyography

Awards and Honors

  • Royce Noland Award of Merit, 2014,California Chapter, American Physical Therapy Association
    • This is the highest award of the CPTA
  • Featured Researcher, Summer, 2014: California PT Fund
  • Z-coil Shoe Company: Grant to complete motion analysis and Pedar research of z-coil shoe. 2006

  • Best Poster:  Annual Conference, California Chapter, American Physical Therapy Association, October 2004

  • Faculty research publication award, California Chapter, American Physical Therapy Assn. 1994

  • Reliability and criterion-related validity of hand-held dynamometry in measuring inversion and eversion strength of the foot. Grant funded by California Physical Therapy Fund, Inc., 1993

  • Adaptations in the contralateral limb for simulated flexion contractures at the knee. Physical Therapy Fund, California Chapter, American Physical Therapy Association, 1988

  • Mary McMillan Scholarship, American Physical Therapy Association. 198

  • Adaptations in the stance phase of gait for simulated flexion contractures at the knee. Dissertation project, Physical Therapy Fund, California Chapter, American Physical Therapy Association, 1985

  • Published Research Award, Greater Los Angeles District, California Chapter, American Physical Therapy Association 1980

Selected Publications

  • Mohamed O, Cerny K, Jones W, Burnfield JM: The Effect of Terrain on foot pressures during walking. Foot & Ankle Int. 26:859-869, 2005.

  • Mohamed O, Cerny K, Rojek L, Hebert K, Rebecca Turner R and Waistell S.  The effects of plastazote® and plastazote®-aliplast® orthotics on plantar pressures in elderly persons with diabetic neuropathy.  Journal of Prosthetics and Orthotics 16: 55-63, 2004.

  • Mohamed O, Cerny K: Effect of knee brace on VMO and VL EMG activity during five knee exercises.  Bulletin of Faculty of Physical Therapy. 25: 41-48, 2003

  • Bogey R. Cerny K. Mohamed O.: Repeatability of wire and surface electrodes in gait.   Am J Phys Med Rehabil. 82(5): 338-344, 2003.

  • Cerny K, Blanks R, Mohamed O, Schwab D, Robinson B, Russo A, and Zizz C:  The Effect of a Multidimensional  Exercise Program on Strength, Range of Motion, Balance and Gait in the Well Elderly. Abstract. Gait and Posture, March, 1998.

  • Cerny K: The Vastus Medialis Oblique/Vastus Lateralis  muscle activity ratio for selected

  • exercises in persons with and without patellofemoral pain syndrome. Physical Therapy 5:672-683, 1995.

  • Cerny K, Perry J and Walker J: Adaptations during the stance phase of gait for simulated flexion contractures at the knee. Orthopedics 17 #6: 501-513, 1994.

  • Cerny K: Do curl-up exercises improve abdominal muscle strength? J Human Muscle Perform 1:37-47, 1991

  • Cerny K, Perry J and Walker J: The effect of an unrestricted knee-ankle-foot orthosis on the stance phase of gait in healthy persons. Orthopedics 13:1121-1127, 1990

  • Cerny K: Guest editor, The Shoulder, December issue, Physical Therapy 66, 1986

  • Cerny K: Physical therapy evaluation, goal setting and program planning. In Clinics in Physical Therapy, Spinal Cord Injury. HV Adkins, editor, Churchill Livingstone, New York, 1985

  • Cerny K: Pathomechanics of stance: Clinical concepts for analysis. Physical Therapy 64:1851-1859, 1984

  • Cerny K: Kinesiology versus biomechanics: A perspective. Physical Therapy 64:1809, 1984

  • Cerny K: A clinical method of quantitative gait analysis. Physical Therapy 63:1125-1126, 1983

  • Adkins HV, Baker L, Campbell J, Cerny K, Gillis K, Montgomery J, Perry J, Peterson M, Rodgers M and Winstein C: Normal and Pathological Gait Syllabus, Professional Staff Association, Rancho Los Amigos Hospital, 1980

  • Cerny K,  Waters RL, Perry J and Hislop HJ: Walking and wheelchair energetics in persons with paraplegia. Physical Therapy 60:1133-1139, 1980


Kay Cerny photo

Contact Information

Phone: 562-985-4956
Office Location: ET Building
Department of Physical Therapy
California State University, Long Beach,
1250 Bellflower Blvd
Long Beach, CA 90840

Professional Interests/Activities

  • Practice

    Rancho Los Amigos Hospital: 1963-78

  • Service

    Advisory council, Physical THerapist Assistant Program, Cerritos College, 1985-present

    Research Special Interest Group, CPTA, founding member, 1990-dissolution

    Expert Witness, Physical THerapy Practice, 1994-2005

    Associate Editor, Physical Therapy, Journal of the Amerian Physical Therapy Association, 1981-4

    California Chapter, APTA, Director and Secretary, 1973

  • Activities

    Implementation of faculty practice, PT@TheBeach, 2013

    Sucessful completion of CAPTE accreditation of physical therapist education program, 2012

    Implementation of Doctor of Physical Therapy program, 2012

    Organization of 40 year alumni reunion, 2007

  • Interests
  • Validating clinical practice through research.

CSULB Assignment  

  • DPT 797, advisor for student research projects
  • Prior instructor in biomechanics, normal and pathological gait