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California State University, Long Beach
Department of Physical Therapy
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Clinical Rehabilitation and Biomechanics (CRAB) Laboratory

On-going Research Projects

  • Gait Rehabilitation in Chronic Stroke Survivors

Our main focus is to design and develop novel rehabilitation interventions that are clinically-relevant and effective in treating individuals with various neurological and musculo-skeletal disorders. We are fabricating a shoe-insole device that would provide real-time feedback to stroke survivors who have asymmetrical walking to correct their asymmetry.

Collaborators: I-Hung Khoo (Electrical Engineering, CSULB), Panadda Marayong (Mechanical & Aero-space Engineering, CSULB), Kristin Demars (Physical Therapy, CSULB)

  • Cognitive-Motor Interference during Dual-tasks in Older Adults

Our main focus is to study about the cognitive-motor interference in older adults and the influence of pathological aging during dual-tasking. We are also exploring various fall-risk reduction techniques in these populations to improve outcomes in multiple areas such as gait parameters, quality of life, fall worry etc., 

Collaborators: Young-Hee Cho (Psychology, CSULB), Olfat Mohamed (Physical Therapy, CSULB), Barbara White (Gerontology, CSULB)

  • Gait Variability Signal Processing

Our focus is to develop different evaluation strategies to study about the pathological mechanisms that contribute to impairments in mobility and posture.

Collaborators: Shadnaz Asgari (Computer Engineering, CSULB).

  • To Predict Falls Using Simulation-based Techniques in Older Adults

We focus on developing a comprehensive musculoskeletal model that will describe the phenomenon of fall during an external perturbation.

Collaborator: Emel Demircan (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, CSULB)


Research Equipment Used

We use a range of techniques including Electromyography, Zeno electronic mat, Tekscan pressure sensor system, MobilityLab inertial sensors, Vicon three-dimensional motion tracking, Force plates, and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, apart from fabricating our own customized devices.


Vennila Krishnan, PhD, PT

Venilla Krishnan

Gait training