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California State University, Long Beach
Department of Nursing


For our General Assessment test, we administer the ATI TEAS version. 

Anyone can take the ATI TEAS at CSULB.  You do not need to be a CSULB student.

We are offering test dates in January, that will be open to all students.  The dates will be posted on the website approximately 30 days before the test date.

You may take the TEAS more than once; however, we require that there must be 30 days between each test date.  We will use the test that yields you the highest rating that meets the 30 day wait requirement.

The ATI TEAS is a 4 hour test of essential academic skills. You will be tested on Reading Comprehension, English, Math and Science knowledge. A calculator will be provdied for the test.

You may purchase the TEAS Study Guide in the University Bookstore or through  Do not bring the Study Guide to the testing room.

Fall 2018 candidates can only submit ATI TEAS results. TEAS V resutls are no longer valid.


March 27th is our next TEAS session.  You need register for our March TEAS, by going to's Online Store

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS:  You must obtain your ATI username and password prior to registering to test.  Go to and set up your username and password information.  You cannot test without it.

LOCATION:   Nursing Building Room 65:  Check-in is by 9:45 am.

TEST FEE:   The fee is $70.00 —prepaid  and non-refundable and non-transferable.


  • 1.         Bring Proof of your ATI username
  • 2.         #2 pencils  
  • 3.         Photo Student ID or Driver’s License—You will not be admitted to the testing area without proper ID.


  • 1.         Your results will be available immediately after your test.
  • 2.         You may access your test results at
  • 3.         Your ati user name and password is your logon.


  • To register for our August TEAS test dates, go to's Online Store

How Can I Study for the TEAS

Here are some websites that can assist you in preparing for the TEAS:


1.   Can I take the TEAS more than once and if I can take it more than once, which score will be used?

You may take the TEAS as many times as you want; however, we require that there must be 30 days between each test date. We will use the test date that yields you the highest rating.

2. When is the TEAS offered?

Multiple TEAS dates are offered January, March/April, June, July, August and November. If the TEAS was not taken at CSULB, applicants must arrange to have official TEAS scores sent by to CSULB.       

3.  What is the deadline for the TEAS results? 

The deadlines are: September 10 for spring admission and February 10 for fall admissions.

4. Do I pay for Parking?

YES.  A campus day pass to park in general parking slots is $8.00. The parking payment machine will take cash and credit/debit cards. Since TEAS testing takes 3.5+ hours, you will need to pay for a day pass. There should be plenty of parking in Lot 1 which is west of the Nursing Buidlings. Do not park in the Short Term Parking spots which are noted with a green curb.

    • For questions not answered above, please email or call 562-985-2201