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California State University, Long Beach
Department of Nursing

Applications, Handbooks, and Hand-outs
for Undergraduates

Table of Contents

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Welcome Spring 2019 Nursing Students

These two links are for students who have been admitted to our two BSN programs.

General Assessment Test: TEAS


General Documents



Health Documents


Re-Entry Forms

Award Applications

We will post new award applications as they become available.


Traditional Basic BSN: Semester/Trimester Program (NRSGBS01U1 & NRSGBS1A1)

Currently, we admit for both Fall and Spring.

Our Science Prerequisites for applying are:

  1. Human Anatomy-Lecture & Lab–4 semester units minimum

  2. Human Physiology-Lecture & Lab–4 semester units minimum

  3. Microbiology-Lecture & Lab – 4 semester units minimum

  4. Chemistry: we require either an equivalent 4-5 semester unit integrated chemistry course with lab is preferred—this course must cover general chem, organic chemistry and biochem) or a 4-5 semester/6-10 quarter unit general chemistry course, which is either an inorganic, organic or biochemistry, if an in class lab was also taken with it.

         A preparatory chemistry course is not acceptable.

Our General Education prerequisite courses are:

  1. Statistics

  2. Oral Communication

  3. College Composition

  4. Critical Thinking

Please follow the above link for further instructions.

Accelerated BSN or Entry Level MSN Program

Accelerated BSN or Entry Level MSN: We no longer offer these programs. Applicants with degrees in other fields may apply to our Traditional Basic Semester/ Trimester BSN program.


Currently, we admit for both Fall and Spring. Please follow the above link for further instructions.



This is a summer program which allows current ADN students to complete non-clinical BSN courses prior to being admitted to our ADN to BSN program. For further information on this program, please follow the above link.  The ideal candidate for this program is in 2nd or 3rd semeseter of their ADN program.  Graduating 4th semester ADN students will be considered if space permits.

All potential students will need to apply to this program using the Eligibility Form and upload unofficial transcripts (click on the below link).

General Requirements for Eligibility to the Summer Bridge Program:

  • 2.75 GPA or higher - both Nursing and Overall GPA
  • Currently in a fully accredited Associates Degree in Nursing (ADN) program
  • Completion of one lower division course with a lab in each of the following:
      • Anatomy,
      • Physiology;
      • Microbiology; and
      • Chemistry.  This class does not need to be completed for the Step Up program, but must be completed upon ADN graduation.  It is recommended that students speak with their Community College advisors to ensure classes are CSU transferable. 
    • Completion or near completion of General Education requirements: Oral Communication, College Composition, Critical Thinking and Statistics.  These classes must be completed before transferring into the ADN--BSN program.
    • Towards the end of the ADN experience, all students accepted into the summer bridge program must now officially apply to the University AND the School of Nursing in order to officially transfer to CSULB to complete the BSN experience. Click on the ADN-BSN Pathway information above for further details.

    Summer Bridge Information Flyer

    The Step-Up Summer Bridge application is due March 15, 2019

    **Please note that students will not be contacted or notified until after the deadline, once faculty has been able to review applications. 

Licensed Vocational Nurse to BSN Program

    Licensed vocational nurses who wish to apply for advanced placement in the School of Nursing must be admitted to the University, apply to the School, and complete the course work for the Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. Once the course work is complete they will become eligible to take the NCLEX Examination for Registered Nurse Licensure in California. 

    Licensed vocational nurses who do not wish to complete the course work for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing but wish to take the Examination for Registered Nurse Licensure in California must follow the guidelines set forth by the Board of Registered Nursing. They must take nursing courses which shall include:

    • Nursing intervention in acute, preventive, remedial, supportive, rehabilitative and teaching aspects of nursing.
    • Theory and courses with concurrent clinical practice shall include advanced medical-surgical, mental health, psychiatric nursing and geriatric nursing.
    • Successful completion or challenge of courses in physiology and microbiology.



Traditional BSN Basic Program Instructions and Application.


RN to BSN Program Instructions and Application.


Freshmen Admissions to CSU Long Beach

Nursing is the most competitive major at CSULB.  High School seniors applying to CSULB need to apply for the Nursing;major not Nursing RN major.

Enrollment Services reviews all Freshman applications to Cal State Apply.  The School of Nursing is not involved with Freshmen admission decisions as we are not a direct entry university.. 

Freshmen applicants will be admitted based on a calculated “STEM Eligibility Index.” The “STEM Eligibility Index” places additional weight on quantitative skills required for success in this major. Refer to STEM Eligibility Index for details of how this index is calculated. Applicants must have a minimum “STEM Eligibility Index.” The minimum for Nursing consideration is 3,300. All eligible applicants will be ranked by the “STEM Eligibility Index” and will be offered admission based on space available.

Admission to Nursing will be to a ‘Pre-Nursing’ status. Students must meet specific course and GPA milestones to remain in Pre-Nursing and must apply to the School of Nursing to be considered for admission to the major at the junior level.

Be aware: CSULB strongly recommends that applicants to Nursing complete additional math courses beyond the minimum required for the CSU to improve the likelihood of success in the major and timely graduation.