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California State University, Long Beach
Department of Nursing

Master of Science in Nursing
Selection and Notification


Selection Process

Once the application deadline has been reached and all applications are in, key faculty in each of the program specialties thoroughly review the applications. Applicants scoring the highest on their applications will then be invited to the School of Nursing for interviews. The interviews will, in most cases, be group interviews with a group of 5-6 other applicants. Specific questions will be asked of each of the applicants and there will be a group exercise to assess the applicant’s communication and group process skills. Faculty participating in the interview process will score each applicant following the interview/group exercise and that score will be added to the application scores to create a final score for each applicant. Based on the interview, as well as an overall review of the applicant in terms of their undergraduate work, work history and other related factors, the applicant will receive notification that they have either been accepted, non-accepted or placed on a wait list:

Acceptance -- Faculty involved in the selection process believe that the applicant would be successful in the graduate program and they are fully accepted into the program that will start in the Fall semester. All accepted applicants will need to attend a New Graduate Student Orientation session that will be conducted in May.

Non-Acceptance -- Faculty involved in the selection process believe that the applicant is not as strong as other applicants in terms of their application and/or interview. Non-acceptance does not necessarily mean that the applicant might not be successful in graduate study. We typically receive far more applications than can be accommodated each year and, unfortunately, not all applicants can be selected. We encourage applicants that were not accepted to apply to other programs or even to CSULB the following year.

Wait List -- The School of Nursing has limited space in many of the Graduate program specialties. Frequently, offers of admission are made to competitive applicants and, for many reasons their plans may change or they decide to accept an offer from another school. When they relinquish their offer of acceptance, the next person on the wait list is offered acceptance. Unfortunately, it is not possible to predict who might withdraw from the program after being accepted or when they might withdraw. Consequently, the wait list is active up until mid-August. All applicants on the wait list who wish to remain on the wait list will be advised to come to the Orientation session in May. If you are on the wait list it is VERY important that you keep us informed of any changes in contact information from what you submitted in your application.


Notification Process

If you are accepted for Graduate study or have been placed on a wait list, you will receive formal notification from the University as well as notification from the Director of the Graduate Program at the School of Nursing.  Those non-selected will receive formal notification from only the University.  You should receive notification sometime toward the beginning of April.