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California State University, Long Beach
Department of Nursing

Bachelor of Science in Nursing -
Registered Nurse (RN - Pathway)
[120 units]

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Program Description

This program is a flexible alternative program designed for registered nurses with prior nursing knowledge and skills. It allows the student to receive credit for previous academic work and to complete academic requirements for the baccalaureate degree as efficiently as possible. Completion of this program requires 3 semesters of full time study. The program advances the nurse's knowledge and skills in the role of a professional.

Admission Requirements

Registered Nurse Applicants are required to apply for admission to the University and do the following:
  1. Hold a current license or be eligible for license to practice in California;
  2. Graduation from an Accredited Associate Degree program or evaluation of diploma program for equivalency by an Accredited Associate Degree program;
  3. Have 56- 70 transferable units;
  4. Obtain malpractice insurance once in the clinical courses;
  5. It is highly enouraged that students attend a group academic counseling session for RN students;
  6. You will need to fill out 3 applications:
    • CSULB application (
    • Supplemental CSULB application (will be sent to you from CSULB after you apply at csumentor)
    • School of Nursing application
  7. Submit official transcripts from your ADN Program to the Nursing Department;
  8. A passing score on the Graduation Writing Assessment requirement must be attempted the first semester in the program or prior to admission.
All courses offered by the Nursing Department are letter graded unless otherwise specified.


Required Support Courses: CHEM 140, NRSG 305, PSY 310 and 12 units of upper Division GE courses.
Required Nursing Courses: NRSG 309, 312, 400, 402, 450, 451, and one of the following: 452; 453; or 454.


Please note: ADN/RN students with a BS/BA degree in another health-related field are able to be admitted to earn a BSN degree from CSULB. However, you can also apply for any of the MSN degree programs and complete the necessary prerequisites (BSN courses) prior to starting the MSN. Please attend the MSN Information sessions or contact Alison, Graduate Info specialist (562-985-4473) for more information and to discuss your personal situation.